Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sort of meh...

Had a decent day or two. By decent, I mean no puking, minimal dry heaving and only mild nausea. Still exhausted and miserable enough to be a sucktastic mommy. Well, sort of sucktastic, we have played whack the tennis ball at each other with plastic bottles and dance like idiots to Led Zeppelin. So, that is a step up, I think.

Mother in law mailed a HUGE package full of goodies/Yule presents for us. A little guitar, sock monkey jack-in-the-box, wooden Transformers (I was totally wowed by those), mini Lincoln Logs, magnetic board game, bees wax crayons, a talking parrot and a waldorf baby doll for Q. Damn, that is a HUGE list. And to think, all I have for him is a little scooter, a puzzle, a felted monkey ball and a hand dyed silk play cape. I was totally impressed that out of ALL the stuff she sent, the ONLY plastic toy was the talking parrot. Everything else was wooden/natural and the only thing that I specifically asked for was the baby doll. She did so good. I am so proud of her. Last year, I know she was stumped when we said nothing plastic because she just sent clothes LOL.

For us, there was Starbucks whole bean coffee, a cocktail shaker and glass set, TONS of Burts Bees goodies and some shirts... oh and shirts for Q, of course.

It cost $130 to ship that sucker. Anyone else want to nominate this woman for sainthood? She did say next time she would just send us paypal because that was waaaayyy to much hassle and $$$.

Anyone on here that is on my facebook want to be my water reminder? Lately I have been sucking at fluid intake. The nausea just makes me so anti ingesting anything, but then I end up dehydrated with a headache and even MORE nauseated. I need someone to poke my ass and remind me to fill that cup!


jenn said...

What an awesome MIL! It's so great when they not only get behind your parenting decisions (whatever they might be that are different from how ~they~ did it) but then embrace them!

Try to keep up on the water- I know what you mean- I think even water made me queasy at some point in the beginning!

JAIME said...

she did do an awesome job! kudos to the MIL!

i had you on myspace but deleted that account, how do i find you on facebook?

JAIME said...

she did do an awesome job! kudos to the MIL!

i had you on myspace but deleted that account, how do i find you on facebook?

Amanda said...

OMG where did she get a wooden Transformer?! I need some for the kids Christmas list!

I need a water reminder too. Kevin came in my room yesterday at like 11pm and he goes " haven't had anything to drink all day. Nothing." Yikes. I suck at fluid intake because, for some reason, my stomach deals better with food than fluids. Bleh.

mandy_moo said...

I'll be your water reminder buddy!!! I'll remind you ever time I remember... dang, that might not work too well. lol. But dang it, I'm going to give it a shot.

And WOW, your MIL is awesome!! I am super impressed that she took the time (and effort and $$$!) to find the best gifts for Q!! Sounds like she genuinely cares about you guys and is supportive of your hippie lifestyle!! :D

Sara said...

Wow - that is an awesome haul of stuff that your MIL sent! How thoughtful!

I hope you get to feeling better - growing that baby is hard work on the body! Especially when you are raising an active little one already.

Take care - and drink water! :)

Birdee said...

I'll remind you too when ever I fill my fancy shmancy hospital water mug (those sucka's are like 18 dollars on e-bay and there the perfect water mug, good thing I have a friend who works at the hospital that gave me two when I left mine on top of my car after baby B was born and it busted when I drove away and it smashed into the pavement)