Sunday, November 15, 2009


* donuts. Yes, we now have a western style donut shop in Taiyuan. Oh, happy day!
* I've been much better most of the time with my fluid intake. Mixing 1/3 peach juice with 2/3 water has helped. Not too sugary, not too watery makes a happy tummy.
* I've only had to resort to McDonalds once this week (I think).
* Quinlon is still sleeping through the night. Ladies and gentleman, I think it's sticking!!
* massive symptoms = growing baby.
* space heaters
* My husband is amazing and barely gets upset with me for being my bitch (aka running all over the fucking city for my food aversions).
* have decided on a name... thinking of doing a guessing game on the blog for a prize. Donnie wants to keep it a secret because he hates the idea of anyone "stealing" the name. I'm afraid my blog readers will rip me to shreds if I don't share LOL.

* puking sucks.
* gagging uncontrollably in public just because everything makes you gag sucks
* It's 25 degrees outside and for some reason the heat in the building is off today. WTF is that about?
* Seeing some Quinlon behavior issues arising from the increase in screen time which is a total mommy guilt trip for me right now.
* Subway is NOT open. FUCK, I want a foot long BMT with all the veggies and some oil and vinegar... mmmmmmmmmm

My + list is much longer than the - which is good. Trying to stay positive when you feel like crap is not the easiest, but I'm fully convinced this is the Tao's way of teaching me humility and patience.


Kate said...

we never tell our baby names... we secretly really like to toture out friends & family. ;)
glad you're looking for the silver lining & big YAY for Q sleeping thru the night!!!! woohoo!

Tabatha said...

Can't wait to hear you names!

oil and Vinager on subway sandwiches=my favorite too!

Sarah R said...

Fun post!

I have found that drinking out of a straw makes fluids go down a lot better when you're having morning sickness. :) I did it with orange juice. Peach juice sounds yummy!

I am so glad to hear Quinlon is STTN--that is awesome.

I can't wait to find out the names you have chosen.

Brr! I had no idea China was so cold.