Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm a terrible blogger.

At least lately.

To make amends, I am posting some heart melting cuteness. I'll post the pictures from our trip to the historic Jinci park tomorrow. I SWEAR!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A better picture...

Still waiting.

My friend has yet to deliver all the pictures from Jinci Park so in the interim, I am sharing terrible on the fly action pictures of Quinlon's legacy wrap that just made the journey over the ocean to live with us.

Legacy wrap means it is a wrap that is his and only his. If he decides he wants me to wrap other siblings in it, great. If not, it can have a cuddly home in his bed until he grows up and has babies of his own then he can use it for babywearing his own children and the cycle just continues.

I chose it because it is a solid, all around great wrap but it is also dyed the most gorgeous chocolate brown color that happens to match his puppy dog eyes.

And just for fun here are some recent pictures of cuddle time with Daddy.

(HAHA, I just sneezed and Quinlon copied me... Parroting is hilarious)