Thursday, November 26, 2009


It feels nice to stop puking.  Thank goddess it was only a 24 hour bug.


for the first time in WEEKS, I actually got a good nights sleep.  No tossing and turning and only got up to pee once!  *happy dance*

Q is napping and I am screwing around on facebook since I feel like a million bucks with a full night's sleep under the belt and will probably start on the second leg of Q's X-mas longies.  It's mandarin orange season (I know, I'd be jealous too) and Q ate 3 since we got home and fell asleep with half of the 4th still in his mouth.  ::giggle::

Thanksgiving dinner tonight at a nice restaurant with all our foreigner friends.  Should be LOTS of fun and better yet lots of good AMERICAN food. *happy dance #2*  Now too bad I can't have a nice glass of wine with my meal...  While I do indulge a little bit during pregnancy, I reserve it for 2nd and 3rd trimester.  Only juice for me please!

I can't believe this is Quinlon's SECOND Thanksgiving.  Wow.  Time flies so fast and even being aware of that fact still doesn't ease the shock of realizations like that one.

I'll skip the yearly rant about Native American slaughter and all that jazz because, while I still find it very important, I've chosen to view this year as a day to just contemplate all the things I have and the sacrifices of others that helped me get here.

And of course, the obligatory thankful list:
-my health
-my family
-my amazing, wonderful, adoring, handsome husband whom gives me the world time and time again.
-my beautiful, awe-inspiring son who makes me smile and reminds me constantly of how blessed I truly am.
-the tiny little kumquat in my tummy who I feel fluttering around from time to time.  Grow little panda!  We are so happy that we get to be your family.
-my friends, real life and online. Honestly, I make no differentiation in my mind.  You are ALL precious to me
-the special family in Houston, TX who gave when they didn't have to and opened their hearts and home to us in our time of need, thank you.  We love you all so much and everyday I pray your dreams come true and that your Lord blesses you beyond measure.  Thank you seems so shallow.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. 


Lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jessi! I hope you enjoy your first Thanksgiving in China!

Sarah R said...

Happy Thanksgiving right back atcha, girlie!

Anonymous said...

You made me tear up a bit, your thankful list is similar to mine.....Im so glad to read your blog and find you feeling better and in good spirits. Speaking of FB, would you mind if I look you up? I love FB and would like to be able to have you on my friends list. I dont want to sound cheesy or weird, but you are an inspiration to me and no doubt to others as well. If you dont mind, feel free to look me up if you like, my name is Becca Schnell of Oologah, Oklahoma(yes, from Indian territory :) . Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! P.S. there seems to be something wrong with my google account so i had to sign in as anonymous, but my username is Emmysmom.