Thursday, November 5, 2009

I HATE first trimester

Seriously, I can think of NOTHING positive about the first 3ish months.

I am so sick of being sick. I have a massive hate/hate relationship with food. Next to nothing sounds good and half the time what does sound godcomes back up faster than things that I didn't want to eat.

I'm so emotional and keep having nightmares.

I'm exhausted and have turned into "that" mom... you know the one that plops the kid in front of the TV in order to lay on the couch and feel like shit. I HATE how much TV time Quinlon has had for the past few weeks.

And my house. :::sigh::: If CPS were to come, they might have a case... I have swept once in the last 2 weeks and my mop is MIA, not that I really have looked for it. I HAVE managed to keep laundry sort of under control (until today when I realized Quinlon has NO clean socks). But the clutter and mess is just atrocious and I am actually embarrassed by the state of my home. But, no matter how I try, I can't get back on top of it. More than 5 minutes of physical activity results in hot flashes and nausea so bad that I am torn whether to run to the bathroom or curl up in bed and cry.

I just want to fast forward to 2nd trimester. I loved it. The belly, the movement, the energy!

Lest anyone think I am not appreciative of my situation, because, let's face it, above whining can seem quite ungrateful, I will say, that Donnie has been wonderful. I think he is more excited about Panda than I am and has bent over backwards to help me so many times. He cleans the kitchen for me almost daily (NO WAY can I face the sink full of slimy dishes or all the SMELLS) and runs errands for me like you wouldn't believe.

I'm just ready to be able to enjoy this pregnancy like I did with Quinlon's.


jenn said...

Just keep repeating- only a few more weeks!
I hope it gets better quickly for you- and hey- 2nd pregnancies you are supposed to be able to feel movement quicker! So that should hopefully make the ill & fatigue more bearable.

I still say you are having a girl since you sound exactly like I was! Of course having a toddler makes it 1000x harder! Hang in there.

rocket.queen. said...

oooh yes, I am so hoping I am one of the lucky ones who feels it earlier. I felt it pretty early with Q... right around 16 weeks. My friend who is a midwife/doula said she felt her second around 11 weeks and her most recent (5th baby) at barely 10 weeks.

I've gotten a lot of people saying this sounds like a girl pregnancy. I keep telling myself that every pregnancy is different regardless of gender, but my intuition screams girl too. I so honestly DON'T have a preference, but I do wanna know so I can start knitting things!

Tabatha said...

Oh Jessie, I am so sorry you are feeling like this. Hopefully it subsides soon for you. I am thinking girl for you since things are so different for you this time. When do you start your prenatal apt's and get an u/s? I feel so lucky this time. I am 7w1d and only feeling tired and headaches everyday. So different than it was with Tristan. But when you meet your little angel it will all be worth it. Glad Donnie is helping you out. There is nothing better than a husband who caters adn loves his wife :)

Sarah R said...

I hear ya! I felt like such crap and it so much harder when you have a little one to take care of. Once I started feeling better, I felt REALLY better so you will make it up to Quinlon. You gotta do what you gotta do...

PS, what saved me was drinking orange juice with a straw. I could get the fluids down without having them linger in my mouth that way.

Birdee said...

Wow, that was weird, since I found out you were pregnant, I never considered the possibility it's a boy, I felt like we already knew it's a girl so it just hit me that "hrm, we dont know yet, guess it could be a boy" So I'm placing my bet on girl too.

I will agree, all pregnancies are different. Both my boys were so different.

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

The pregnancy nightmares were the worst! I am glad your husband is being so helpful, and hope that you are feeling better soon. Getting through those first months is so difficult - hang in there!

Lisa said...

There is nothing wrong with complaining when you are feeling crappy. We've all been there and understand.

rocket.queen. said...

Jewels, I know... I keep trying to remind myself I *could* be wrong about it... but it just feels so... girly!