Thursday, November 26, 2009

Now, if only the US would follow suit...

But they won't.

Breech vaginal birth is no more risky than regular head first presentation.

I knew this.  But then again I am quite the natural birth advocate and had an awesome veteran midwife who had seen and delivered EVERYTHING with a transfer rate of less than 1%.  There are some situations where breech can be more dangerous such as a short cord, but statistics are showing that the fearmongering OBs do to women over breech is unnecessary and more importantly INACCURATE. 

Way to go Canada!


mandy_moo said...

My mom would've had a c-section with me if we had gotten to the hospital sooner. As it was, I was already well on my way, and as you know, I was frank breech. Oh, and almost 9.5 pounds, did I mention that? And she did it drug free... yeah... my mom is pretty much awesome. The US is sadly a lot slower to catch on to medical stuff like this, but someday things will be better, I think.

Lisa said...

I will respond on behalf of all Canadians in saying... Thanks! I must say that I am quite pleased with our medical system in general as well!

Sarah R said...

Everything I have read basically proves that the reason doctors perform c-sections is because they are no longer trained in breech vaginal delivery (most of them, anyway). It is a crying shame!

PS, I had a dream this morning that I was in labor and going all natural and everything was going well--then I woke up and couldn't get back into my dream. Darnit!

rocket.queen. said...

It's sad that there are these big gaps in training with Drs. And because they are untrained then it means default major abdominal surgery.

Sarah, I've had 4 or 5 labor/birth dreams so far and all of them have been great as far as labor and delivery go, but something is always wrong after. In one, the placenta wouldn't come out, another, my uncle kept hiding my baby so I couldn't wear her or BF her... so bizarre!

Mandy, your mom rocks!

Tabatha said...

Wow, that is really interesting. I too think that lack of education in this in the US is why doctors are always so eager to do a c-section. Why do doctors always want to cut these days???