Saturday, November 21, 2009

I missed teaching

I had no classes last weekend because of the surprise snowstorm. The 10 degree temps and 9 inches of snow and ice made people reluctant to get out unless absolutely necessary. I can't blame them, it's made me quite the hermit of late as well.

Today I had two classes and, man, I missed it. Now that I have regulars, I love the little jokes and quirks I have with each one. Teaching is really so much fun.

I also started an outline/brainstorm for the book. Once Donnie gets home (with donuts, I might add) we'll probably go to town with the ideas, although I have quite the list on my own brainpower which makes me proud considering half my brain is being eaten by the pandasite (BAHAHA, I crack myself up.


Lisa said...

Hope it goes well. I love the pandasite joke. I laughed out loud!!