Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A break from the negative...

Quinlon has officially slept from 10PM-6AM without waking or nursing for 10 days. I am so proud of my big boy for finally mastering this skill when HE was ready. Sure, I was ready lonnnnng ago because 19 months is a LONG time to go with only 3-4 hour sleep increments, but I was determined to let him learn it peacefully and at his own pace.

The pay off is so sweet.

Just in time for 1st trimester insomnia/body temp/achiness issues. But let's look at the bright side, my boobies are getting a break at night too.


Iiri said...

oh, so there is hope for me to sleep a whole night again?

I am so glad Q has decided on a sleep pattern that allows you to (attempt) try to get some rest yourself.

Sarah R said...

That is great news, Jessi! Andrew never was sleeping through the night. When he weaned (5 weeks ago) at 2 years, one month, and one week, he was still getting up twice a night. Now he wakes up and whines but goes right back to sleep. I am hoping someday he sleeps all the way through (it has happened a couple times when he was really tired).