Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Apparently, we are more cryptic than I thought...

or no one else watches cartoons or listens to classic rock.

To our credit, when we shared the name with our BFF, he totally knew the references off the bat. So I guess it's hard to convey all your facets online (duh) and maybe my fault because I never blog about cartoons or music... I mean, they just are a part of my life, a constant thing, so I rarely think of them as formative or important in ways other than brushing your teeth is important.

But, without further ado...

Taili is from this character from the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender. We love the show. It's based on kung fu and Donnie is friends with the man who did all the choreography for the show. Awesome cartoon with a fantastic moral message.

Page is from none other than this man:

Yep, Jimmy Page, the legendary guitarist for Led Zeppelin. He is a hero to both Donnie and I musically.

So there you have it. We've made it our goal to give all of our children meaningful unique (but not kooky) names with origins that aren't immediately clear. I'm pretty pleased.


jenn said...

I am not a cartoon watcher- but definitely love to get the led out! Should have known, lol! ;o)

I also love unique names- but I have to admit it gets frustrating to either have Caiden called a boy (although I think that's normal for any baby really) but even more so when after I say her name people call her Katie! Sometimes after I spell it out... I honestly never thought of that one!

Hope you are doing better with the food aversion/queasiness, water intake & exhaustion- umm... basically 1st tri!

Larissa said...

Awesome, I love the Page reference. I would feel honored to be named after such a musical legend. If I named any of my future children after any band member from Led Zepplin, my dad would melt, he loves them.

Queen Bee said...

i had a hunch that's where Page was from but didn't want to guess and be wrong, lol!

i like the names you pick out. very cool.

Lisa said...

I am not a cartoon watcher either... so no surprise I didn't get that one. As for the Led Zepplin reference, I hadn't really thought about it. But now that you mention it, I feel like it should have been an easy one!

Elizabeth said...

I stalk your blog from time to time & wanted to tell you that I so watched The Last Airbender and loved it! I don't remember that name for some reason though- anyway love the name.

Sarah R said...

That's awesome! I didn't get the reference, but I am out of touch with stuff like that.

I think it's a beautiful name. :)