Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have such weird mood swings and get anti blog and then feel guilty... silly, right?

So, bullets?

- I only got emails from 3 of my crafty peeps. I need the others to email me color preferences or whatnot at jessi.dooo "at" gmaildotcom

- Joellen I am going to send you an email regarding the Brody Dalle thingy in a few minutes, sorry to drag my feet. also, I totally love the new project she is doing.

- Our babysitter fell through so I have to delay starting school until next year. Even if we found one before classes start, I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving Quinlon with them on such short notice. Yes, I am THAT mom. The one that has a list of things to do and not do and is super particular. Plus, people are so nonchalant about the milk thing and if the person decided to be a dick and give it to them anyway, I would be livid. So, justifiably, I want to know this person pretty well before I leave them alone with my child.

- In the meantime, I have a Chinese tutor to help me move forward faster with learning the language, both written and spoken and have started a new regime of cleaning/cooking and all around just setting our house in order after months of being fucking lax as hell.

- I have a tattoo appointment tomorrow to finish the outline of Mr Dragon (he is currently legless, so I guess he is technically a serpent at the moment) and start shading. The two halves should start looking more like once piece instead of the two separate pieces they look like now. I am stoked and nervous because tomorrow will be the christening of...DUN DUN DUNNNNNN the tender underside of my bicep. You're cringing, aren't you? I know I am.

- Here's the first winter woollies. Winter hits hard and fast 'round these parts and I gotta get on the ball with Quinlon's winter cloth diaper woollies AND his sweaters and hats. I also have nearly finished a matching hat, but no pictures since I need to add the little chin straps and the pom pom on top and weave in the ends.

Hmm, time to start dinner!


jenn said...

Sorry about the babysitter- it sucks that you can't start school right away- but I totally understand being one of ~those~ moms. I am pretty sure I would be too! (I say pretty sure because I haven't even left her more than 4 hours & not with anyone other than my mom or sister, haha!)

Those pants are adorable! I wish I could knit... all I can do is a chain stitch in crotchet & while I can get pretty creative with it- there's really only so much you can do with it! I do have to get cracking on some cold weather gear for the pumpkin too... even though here summer drags on to halloween sometimes!

Kickin' Kari said...

No worries, I'm one of "those" moms too. Hubbs and I agreed we wouldn't leave our Noah with anyone till he is talking. I just don't trust people for a long time too so it would take quite sometime before I could leave my son with anyone.

LOVE Quin's pants! So cute! Wish my skill level was that high! I should start it up again and push myself to get better.

Can't wait to see the progress on the Tat. Looks awesome so far. :)

Arly said...

Those are adorable! Did you create or find that pattern?

Queen Bee said...

the pants are adorable! you are very talented with needles.

that's the pits about the babysitter. i completely understand being one of "those" moms. the tutoring sounds like fun and i'm glad that you are able to work at that and move forward while waiting to start school.

Sarah said...

those pants are awesome! do you make them so they have soaking abilities too (such as for night time diapering?). We use woolies for night time diapering to absorb any leaks.

I get moody spells like that too! But I usually dont refrain from blogging, I choose to refrain from things like dishes!

Hollie said...

Don't go on a blog strike!

I completely understand your babysitter thing. I would not leave my child with someone I don't know and trust. I have a hard time leaving him with family and very close friends.

Those woolies are adorable!!!! Love!!!