Thursday, September 17, 2009

because I definitely needed...

the pleasure of bathroom scrambling cramps with explosive consequences should my scrambling be the slightest too slow while battling the clothing-phobic, must wear shoes at all times bottomless pit that happens to be named Quinlon.

Lest you think I had no fun at all today, here is a list of the things I did:
-Hung up laundry to dry only to be followed by a curiously counterproductive small person who managed to pull down any low-hanging item and toss it on the dirty patio floor.

-Writhe around in bed for about an hour while whining about the nausea and listening to Donnie get more and more frustrated with that small person who is insatiable in all ways when mommy is sick.

- Practiced repeatedly for the 100m dash and, at times, 100m hurdles when aforementioned small human managed to lay out an obstacle course that most Ironmen would shudder in fear at the sight of.

- Played VJ for a bemusingly demanding audience of one who screams with a gusto not seen since 1980s style flasher flicks if you happen to guess wrong on the translation of toddlerisms which movie he is requesting.

- Cooked lunch for the endless pit person who decided it was more fun to make modern art on the couch and floor with slightly chewed up couscous and carrots. Points for creativity were awarded when he successfully achieved accuracy over a 2 foot space into my cleavage.

- Doubled as a jungle gym for a monkey-like creature and learned that the colorful (and tender arm) is the most fun to grab when balance is lost and a fall is imminent.

So... how was your day?


Alicia said...

Consider yourself checked out. Heh heh.

Good God we're living the same life. Do all of us moms-with-toddlers really survive all this? I've been told it gets better. I'll believe it when I see it.


Kickin' Kari said...

sounds pretty similar to a day like mine. ;)

Beautiful Mess said...

Sounds like an eventful UNfun day! My day just barley started. Even though it was pretty crazy this morning. Couldn't find Zilla's shoes and nae couldn't find her volleyball shorts. The ONLY ones she can wear to volleyball practice, apparently. The SAME ones I told her to get last night, so we wouldn't have the "rush around the house throwing dirty clothes everywhere to locate" moment we had this morning.

Hope you're feeling better.

Lauren said...

Sounds like you could use a drink....if your tummy was feeling better. :(

jenn said...

mmm- fun!
I am still thankfully in the 'able to put down on floor & have her be within 10 feet of where she landed for at least 5-10 minutes' stage. but everything only lasts & entertains for about a half hour. I need to constantly rotate & switch it up.

Oh- and yesterday was the hub's day to watch her in the morning while I volunteered. I said to give her a frozen peach 'slice' in her baby feeder. He gave her 2 1/2 oz 'cubes' of frozen pear puree. On top of an ounce of peas, and later followed by yams & cereal. So her diaper was very much the opposite of pleasant this morning!