Thursday, September 24, 2009

I think I forgot to blog this...

but we are not TTC. No big dramatic reason other than Donnie thought about it and decided he was just not ready to share me and my time with another little one.

And at first it upset me, but I respected his decision.

Now, the baby itch has subsided. I've been spending more time cherishing time with Quinlon and it hit me one day that I don't want to have to divide my attention off him now. He is quite high maintenance and more than enough for me right now. So, sorry blog followers there won't be a BFP post in the near future nor another cute little Allen to ooh and aah over.

But I promise to keep posting cuteness from the little Allen we have now.

And in the time being I'll just live vicariously through all the pregnant lady blogs I stalk... er follow.


Sarah R said...

Well, it sounds like you are doing great with your decision. You can always revisit the topic in another year!

Quinlon is cute enough for 5 babies... ♥

Kate said...

sarah is right, there's no rush. :)

there is something to being able to totally devote yourself to one special little man. (or 2, as the case may be!)


jenn said...

I think you make the right decisions for your family, and both parents being in agreement is so important. Plus that little (big!) Allen is such a cutie- just keep the pics of him coming to ohh & ahh over! ;o)