Friday, September 25, 2009

Wow. Amazingly well put together information.

We all know I am a dirty hippie and like it.

I try NOT to debate the whole circumcision/intact thing because it always gets ugly and it is hard to debate a topic that is as emotionally charged as altering a newborn's genitals.

If you're interested, though. This lady is a Dr and has posted an amazingly informative essay on the benefits/necessity of a foreskin (pupus).

Functions of the Foreskin: Purposes of the Prepuce

I never want to be that person who runs around ranting and raving about people mutilating their sons. I know it is a personal subject, I only hope that people will at least educate themselves and not make an ignorant decision or one based solely on fear from the inaccurate information the medical community provides to most new and expecting parents.

All I ever ask is educate yourself.


Kelly said...

When we found out our 2nd baby was a boy, this topic came up in our home.

DH basically did not care either way and left the decision up to me. I was on the fence about it and then I watched a video on it.

Decision was made immediately. Our son was not circumcised.

In fact when our pedi found out that we weren't doing it, she said simply, "Good".

If someone wants to do it to their child, that's their decision. But it wasn't something I felt comfortable putting my son through.

Iiri said...

I chose not to circ Liam. It was a choice that I talked to J about, as I was not comfortable with it at all. He didn't have any problems with leaving Lil Man with all his parts. I educated myself, and Jeff, and we stuck to our choice. When we were in the hossie, I told my doc, do NOT touch him, he's NOT to be circed...I have heard to many stories of it being done without permission.

As was mentioned, I talked to Liam's doc, he said "Great! I am so happy you chose not to engage in that barbaric ritual!" Seriously.

I just watched the video on the link you posted, and I am almost physically sick. How can that NOT be considered child abuse? the poor lil guy was SCREAMING the entire time!!!

Breaks my heart, and I am so glad Liam didn't have to go through that.