Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Randomness at nearly midnight...

Teething is not fun, but I am lucky it is one of the few things Quinlon seems to do well. A bit more restless at night but that is about the extent of it. Kiddo is cutting 4 teeth at once and other than waking several more times at night and being slightly clingy he's such a little warrior.

Funny thing I've noticed is that I rarely miss anything from the US, except... FOOD. There are some days I would kill for a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with rice milk and maybe waffles and peanut butter and honey... ugh. That is not to say that the food here is not phenomonal... it is, really. There is just something about the comfort of a bowl of cereal in your pajamas while watching cartoons (even if the cartoons are all in Chinese around here).

Ok, I lied. I totally miss Publix. Best grocery store there is, really. *sigh*

Lately, the Tao has crossed my path with some really special people and I am so insanely happy to have met them. I hope I can make as much of a bright spot in their lives as they are already making in mine.

I got bored with the blog layout and found another (just wish it wasn't from a stupid site with all the links and crap). And, surprise, I changed the blog title. "Love.with.caution" was from a long time ago when I felt my heart was injured and fragile and this blog was about healing and recovering from life's missteps. Now, I feel I have passed into a place in my life where I can love freely and dance more, hence the new title.

I'm feeling chatty, but can't think of anything else pertinent at the moment and I really should go to bed.

Good morning to most of you and good night to me!


jenn said...

I think food is often overlooked as one of those things that anchors you. I couldn't imagine life without pb&j's. and pizza- but then again, as a ny transplant I constantly miss good pizza here!

good luck with the teething!

Hollie said...

So we are in this state of sleeplessness together... except you are in a way different time zone. Your family is precious. I am new to your blog and will try to catch up.

Klane said...

if you really want a box, I will send you one. I know I don't know you except in blogger world, but I wouldn't mind sending someone in need of a box of CTC!

Beautiful Mess said...

Great new layout! I really like it. I love your new blog name! It's perfect! Glad you're are in a different place where you can dance more.

Christina said...

I would miss Publix too if I ever had to move from here.

Too bad they don't have the cereal you like in China. Are you totally unable to get it from any stores?

4 Lettre Words said...

Oh, how we love Publix, too! (In fact, I was there yesterday.)

Sorry about the teething. It's been bad here, as well. :o(