Friday, August 14, 2009

Q & A!

Blogger Kickin' Kari said...

I have this ignorant pre-conceived notion that China is dirty, I don't know where I got that idea in my head from..Is it that way at all?

Actually, not that off base of an assumption. China did not have an EPA type organization until very recently so many of the industrial oriented cities are pretty dirty. Taiyuan is up there on the dirty list, but it is also globally recognized for its clean up plan that has improved the standards of air by 150% in 5 years. It is still really dirty and I would have hated to see what it was like 5 years ago, but it is a start. Also, China is still overall a 3rd world country which means no standardized means of garbage disposal (think piles in alleys) no clean public water source (you have to boil tap water before you can drink it) and really low median standards of living.

Blogger Birdee said...

I hope I don’t make an idiot of myself by not having my facts straight - correct me where I'm wrong. You're no idiot, silly!

But you are living in China? (is that correct?) Indeed

What do you miss about living in the US? Most of the time nothing, but the often I do miss food. Chik-fil-A, sub sandwiches, a good thick medium steak and baked potato.

& since your move to China, What differences would you make in the US if you could. Oddly enough, China has not changed my views on my own country. It is definitely NOT a 'grass is greener' situation and it just shows how every system has it flaws.

What is the hardest part of living in China? The culture differences and shopping can be a pain. There is no such thing as a store that carries everything. For electronics you go to one neightborhood and for food, another and clothes yet another. It's annoying. I miss Target.

What is your favorite part of living in China? I work awesome hours at an easy, rewarding job, get paid extremely well and can earn more than enough to live comfortably and pay my way through school. Honestly, I like being away from the rigidity and business of American society. I have so much more time to be everything I want to be.


Blogger Hollie said...

Exciting that you are TTC! Good luck. Thank you!! It's very interesting to me that you are living in China. I have read up on your blog a little, but I am still curious. Why the move to China? What kind of teaching are you doing? And you mentioned going to school? Maybe I missed some details. Hope I'm not being too nosey...

We moved here because Donnie is a kung fu disciple to a master here. He has done kung fu for 20+ years and it is a huge part of his life. Also, we both want to do Chinese Medicine (TCM - acupuncture, herbs, massage, etc) and feel the best place to learn is at the source. We both teach ESL class. It is a lot of fun, and very rewarding, not to mention EASY! And, in my book, no such thing as too nosey!


Blogger mandy_moo said...

I'm going to think really hard, I swear I will come up with something. stupid prego brain...

It's a good thing you are cute. LOL <3


Blogger Queen Bee said...

well i participated last time! ;)

i'd like to learn more about Taoism. how did you come to find that it was best spiritual fit for you? are there ceremonies specific to it as other faiths do?

I'm answering these two together ;-)
OpenID amandaleggett said...

I know that you and your DH are very devoted to your religion...but I can't remember what it's called and what the principles are. (I know. I suck lol)

So, how did you come to find this religion (if that's what you call it) and what drew you to it?

It was a long journey. I was raised very strict Christian (for those of you familiar with US denominations, Church of Christ) and it never fit. I could never find the joy and peace and contentment that everyone swore I should have. I only found questions and self doubt and complete misery trying to fit into a mold that I was not made to fit into. After HS when I was out of my mom's influence, I gave up religion period and that phase of my life as quite tulmutuous and, well, still unhappy. So at around 19 I started looking into other philosophies and religons like Kabala, Buddhism, Confuscianism, etc. I had found a pretty close fit with Kabala, but there were still aspects that didn't quite mesh, but I was far happier than without any sort of guidance. Then I met Donnie and he was a Taoist priest and very confident in his beliefs and we talked so many hours about it and from day one, it just clicked.

There are many sects of Taoism, many more mysticism based than others. Our sect required practice of Taiji and meditation to cultivate yourself. Also the study of the Taoist texts and prayer is also a part. We choose the goddess Guan Yin as our focal point for prayer. She is the Taoist and Buddhist goddess of mercy. We have a small alter set up to her and burn incense and pray daily. One day I will type up a very detailed post about our ceremonies and daily worship practices.

Tabatha said...

Can I ask 2? Pretty please!? Well, technically, isn't that 3...? ;)

Ok, #1, Do you plan on moving back to the US and if so when?

Possibly. We haven't counted it out but it all depends on how a lot of policy making goes in the US in the next 5 years.

#2, How did you and Donnie meet?

Myspace... haha turns out we happened to have mutual friends and not know it, but our first words were exchanged on myspace. He then drove 7 hours to meet me after 3 nights of talking on the phone all night long.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I may have left this as a comment before, but ...

I'm a Christian Protestant with a strong interest in learning about other religions. I'd love to hear more about Taoism and your practice of it. I actually always thought of Taoism as more of a philosophy than a religion. I'd be curious to know:

It is technically a philosophy, but what makes it a religion in some cases are the traditions and ceremonies developed as ways to enlighten and strengthen your sageness and oneness with Tao.

How is it practiced? Do you attend services? Participate in prayer or meditation? Is there a sacred text?

We practice by living as natural as possible lives with the choices we make. As I answered above, we have prayer rituals and do regular study of Taoist texts. During special festivals or what I like to call "natural holidays" like the solitices and such we have special ceremonies and celebrations. We really practice a very loose religious form as there are other sects that are quite strict with dietary restrictions and sexual practices.

What drew you to the religion?

Never feeling harmony with Christianity. That being said, I am of the stance that all religions are just the same message spoken in different languages. I know this doesn't mesh with the beliefs of many Christian faiths that feel they are the one true path, but I don't feel I can judge anyone who is seeking enlightenment to better themselves regardless of what the NAME of that deity, practice or faith is.

What was your experience of being a Taoist in the US vs. China? I'm assuming a lot more people practice it and are familiar with it in China.

Actually, the Cultural Revolution of 1966 destroyed the public knowledge and belief in things like Taoism, Buddhism, kung fu, etc... Very little survived the purges or "liberal bourgeouis". We actually face more skepticism and ridicule here than in the US. Ironic, right?

Thanks, Jessi!!Delete

JAIME said...

please don't ever stop blogging, i was very disappointed when i logged in for all those months (okay maybe it wasn't THAT long) and there was nothing from you. your one of my fav people from the prego boards on webmd. anyway... um, a question... do you ever plan to return to living in the us? what exactly is donnie teaching in china?

Aww that is so sweet!! I won't stop blogging, I swear. I need the outlet too much and I love all my blogger friends! (I answered your questions above ;))Blogger

Blogger Larissa said...

As a fellow breastfeeding mother, what was the hardest part of breastfeeding for you? Latch issues. At about 12 weeks we faced some bad latch problems and I spent many days crying and wishing that I could give up. Thank goddess for a husband who was willing to do anything to help us.

What age to plan on BF to? The official stance we have is child led weaning or age 3 which ever comes first. At 3, that is my time to take my body back and I feel like he will be old enough to understand on a limited level and old enough that the benefits lost are not that great when compared to the benefits gained from the length of time he did nurse.

If you got pregnant and gave birth to your new baby while still breastfeeding your son, would you tandem breastfeed? Absolutely! Continuing a nursing relationship with an older sibling is a good way to ease the shock of introducing a new sibling. It has been shown to help with them acting out and to help with PPD.

Blogger Christina said...

In China do you have medical insurance? Nope, but healthecare is cheap.

How does health care there work? Because it is a government run health system, the hospital is where you go for everything from a headache to a car accident injury. It often sucks because the lines are long and care can be rushed.

When you do conceive will you give birth in a traditional hospital, birthing center, home?? At home, hopefully with a midwife or a natural birth educated Dr but it can be hard to do here. The norm is planned c-section and tied tubes in one fell swoop. Gotta love the one child policy.

Where will Q go to school? Will you homeschool? He will be homeschooled... all of our children will be. We will probably utilize part time homeschool enrichment programs and homeschooling groups but we want to be in charge of our child(ren)s education

DeleteBlogger Klane said...

I offered before but I am really interested in being someone's penpal/packagepal and was wondering if you wanted anything from the US that I could send to you? Are you up for it? I will send you Cinnimon Toast Crunch!

I'd love to! I always feel odd asking people to send me things because it is a pain in the ass, but I would love to exchange goodies back and forth! Email me!


Blogger fuentes said...

Hello, my name is Lisa and I’m a blog stocker. Well no need to hide, I love new readers!!

I’m also a crappy commenter and question comer upper, but here goes

What is your opinion of the Chinese gender calendar? It was right for Quinlon... haha. Actually, I am not sure what it is based on but now that you bring it up, I want to research it and ask if it is even something that is used here. Awesome question!


Blogger Summer @ B is for Brown said...

cool new background.

yes, i want to know all about china and taoism.

what else?

fave food there? There are so many. I mean, I liked Chinese food in the States, but it doesn't even come close to the food here. I guess over all my fave is called Hot Pot (Huo Guo) It is a big pot of boiling water in the center of the table, either spicy with lots of peppers or just seasoned with garlic and ginger and others and not spicy or half and half if your group is of a divided preference. And then you put veggies and meat and fish and noodles in and boil away and eat... every one just grabs what they want when they want it. Totally family style and SO delicious. It is a social meal and always best with a big group. We share beer and shots and lots of food and conversation. It's an experience not just a meal.

favorite cartoon when you were a child?Either Thundarr the Barbarian or Pirates of Dark Water

favorite childhood game? I did a lot of imaginary play, but I LOVED to play Candyland and Mario Kart on Super Nintendo

if you could be a sandwich, what would your toppings be? I loooove sammiches. I'd be roast beef, salami, ham and provolone with sweet pickles, black olives, pepperoncini, bacon, vinaigrette mayo, and yellow mustard (sorry NYer, I can't do the spicy brown Gulden's stuff. I'm a southern girl at hear)

LOL. yeah. i am silly.

DeleteBlogger Arly said...

Blog stalker here (we met on the ttc boards in 07...) Wow, way back in the day!! Nice to see you again! ;-)

2 questions

1. Has Q ever seemed to want to wean himself? And what have you done about it? Not even close, lol. He loves his "nuh-nuhs" but if he had tried after the 1 year mark I would have let him.

2. What do you think about orgasms during natural childbirth? I think I am jealous of the women who have them. Orgasm and childbirth don't come close to being together in my experience so more power to those who can have pleasure during something that is normally quite stressful and, duh, painful!

This was crazy fun! Thank you for the AWESOME questions! I will have some future posts going more in depth on some of the topics you asked about especially now that I know people WANT to hear about it.


Sarah R said...

Sorry I didn't have anything to ask, but I did enjoy reading the Q & A! Fun post! :)

The Parkerson's said...

WOW...Learn something new everyday! I always envied your knowledge! That was a lot of fun to read! I vote for another one soon. :)

Kickin' Kari said...

Thanks Jessie! I've always enjoyed your posts, I met you on WebMD on the trimester boards. Our sons are only a day apart! I'm also your myspace friend.....geez, I sound like a stalker...LOL. yikes. I'm not I promise!!

Thanks again!

Sara said...

This was awesome! I learned so much! Thanks for sharing. :)

Shannon said...

I forgot to ask my question! I am doing it now, even though your post is done. I am still curious.

I first "met" you on WebMD TTC boards. You were doing TTC predictions for everyone. Are you still doing them? If no, why not? If yes, do you think your accuracy is improving?

P.S. You did a prediction for me. It was 50% correct. You said boy and early summer. I had a girl on June 25th. :)

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