Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I can never go back

to the message boards that started it all while I was TTC and pregnant because the stupidity seems to have multiplied.

While browsing because I am bored I see this in someone's signature:
"J*** K*** 11/15/07 My Little Menace!"

Really? You are calling your son a menace? I'm sure it's all in good fun and sweet but people just have no clue what classifying someone something negative can do regardless of your intent.

Then, I'm feeling a little eye roll happy after that and stumble on this gem:
"So I normally get a discharge the week after AF. Well right now I am 2 days from AF coming and I am having a discharge that is not clear, but white and milky looking. What could this be? I am really thinking I am prego for some reason..... I took a test yesterday but it was negative and still a little early.

Could this discharge be associated with pregnancy?"

This is from a woman with 2 older children. Maybe I am holding people to impossible standards... ok, I know I hold people to standards higher than I should. Seriously. You have 2 kids and you haven't figured out what pregnancy symptoms are or that no one but a fucking pregnancy test can tell you that you are pregnant? Wtf.


Queen Bee said...

*nods in total agreement*

the high school drama drove me away from those boards.

Tabatha said...

I am totally with you here. The only board I go to anymore is a private graduate board called pregnancy after fertility challenges. Web md makes me crazy anymore. I can't handle some of the things people say on there. They really don't understand how blessed they are. I have battled infertility for a long time and I guess I look at things a little different than a lot of ladies over there. I am back at the RE TTC #2 and I refuse to go back to the boards. You are not alone but if you need someone to talk to about TTC (or anything for that matter) I am here.

Jessi said...

oh i'm on babyfit and you wouldn't believe the questions girls ask on there.

its enough to drive you nuts for sure!

Sarah R said...

People are really stupid. I used to be on the same boards you're talking about, but I left about 6 months ago. One, the page loads so freaking slow that it's more annoying than anything, and two, yes, people are really stupid on there (not all, but some).

I work with a lady who is 43? something like that? and she thought you could get pregnant on any day of the month. This woman has 2 kids and was one of those, "just relax and it will happen" people. I wanted to smack her!

If you would like to try a different TTC/Parenting board, I have a great suggestion for you. Just let me know and I can refer you. I've been a member for 2.5 years and they are basically a million times cooler than WebMD! :) (Plus you get real siggies with pictures and everything--they are V-Bulletin style boards).

mandy_moo said...

uh huh. TTCAL got to be so depressing. and they get all pissed off if you don't put "trigs" on a BFP post, or anything else that is good or happy for that reason. Me and some of my WebMD buds created our own board over on Cafemom, we get to make our own rules and pick and choose who gets to be in the group. It's way better that way. :)

jenn said...

I am so glad I don't go to any boards anymore! I agree with the calling your kid a negative nickname- although I admit to a few 'crankerkins' slipping out here & there!

JAIME said...

haven't been to webmd for a long time. your right about the people over there now. talk to all the lovely ladies i was prego with on facebook. :)

Christina said...

I can't imagine after this pregnancy going to any of the TTC boards except maybe the 12+months one because I know a lot of people on there. The JSO and 6 month ones are just awful.

Sara said...

Haha! So true!