Tuesday, August 18, 2009


- It's been a bit of a bumpy couple of days. Everything seems to be smoothed over now and I hate airing temporary dirty laundry on the internet, so I will just leave it at that.

- Q is teething bad again today. Clingy and weepy... starts wailing and puts his hands to his mouth. It breaks my heart to see.

- Nevertheless, I have managed to do a load of diaper laundry, made progress on organizing Q-man's toy cabinet, colored pictures with the little man, gave him a bath and have everyone fed (but not dressed LOL).

- I HATE waiting on fluffy mail. What is fluffy mail you might ask? I have bought 4 wraps recently and I am now NOT patiently waiting on my mail to arrive. Sucky international snail mail. The first one is due here ANY day, the rest have some more time before I can really get anxious. I am basically working with ONE wrap lately because Q won't tolerate long wraps and the long time it takes to wrap with them so we have just been using my one short wrap for quick 1-layer carries which caters to Q's lack of patience and everyone is happy.

- Thursday I go to the tattoo artist and see what great thing he has drawn up for me. I spent over an hour yesterday there telling him what I wanted regarding layout and content and style. He seems really awesome and on the same wavelength despite the language difference (don't worry, we have a translator helping). So as of Thursday, I will be starting a tattoo I've wanted for a LONG time. My Guan Yin sleeve! I am way way way excited.

- We officially have all of our school money for this semester, 12,000 yuan. We are really getting excited for the fall semester to start.


Queen Bee said...

oh i am SO jealous you are starting on a sleeve!

Hollie said...

I hope things stay smooth for you.

jenn said...

I am also jealous- I can't wait for a little extra $$ to get some ink & new wraps! I ~love~ my ring sling to pieces, but I would like to branch out & try more styles.
Good luck in school- coming up quick!

Colleen said...

Hey sorry to hear Q is having such a hard time teething. How many teeth does he have now? Aaliyah still only has 8 all in the front. Still waiting for those chewing teeth to come in....Question about another subject.... when Q had reflux what meds was he on if any? My nephew has it and I can't remember what I gave Aaliyah, but for some reason I think I remember that Q & A were on the same thing. Thanks

rocket.queen. said...

Craziest thing is it will cost me a flat price of 6000 yuan or about 900 US. That is unheard of for a full sleeve.

Jenn, I have actually never tried a ringsling but use a short wrap to do the same carry all the time and LOVE it. I highly recommend wraps for their versatility. Heck, just last night we used my wrap to strap Q in a buckle-less high chair!

Q only has 6 teeth. Quite the teething under achiever. When he had reflux he was on zantac, such a sanity saver it was too