Wednesday, August 26, 2009


- Q was teething, remember? Well, I thought it was the logical next 4 incisors. Well, I was wrong. Quinlon how has 4 molars and 1 new incisor all in the span of a week. This kid is really a great teether. He might sleep like crap, but he barely gets cranky even when TURBO teething.

- Today, Donnie said the most amazing thing about breastfeeding. We were in a taxi returning from the train station and Quinlon began signing milk and whining. I gave in because the poor taxi driver was getting flustered from Quinlon's escalating tantrum. Donnie leaned over and said it makes him happy when I nurse more often (we've been trying to cut back). I asked him why and his response was "Look at him. He's so happy and peaceful and you look so beautiful. It's natural. It's the way it is supposed to be, him nursing, you taking care of him and me taking are of you." I melted, seriously. Is he amazing or what?

- I got a new wrap today (finally) and Quinlon, who likes being wrapped, but is normally ambivalent about the wraps themselves, snatched this one from me and is currently watching Monster's, Inc. cuddling with it. I think it is a keeper.

- I've been having daily sinus headaches since the season began changing and it sucks. If it doesn't settle down by next week, I am getting some TCM done asap.


Queen Bee said...

<3 to Donnie. pro-BF dads rock on.

jenn said...

go Q! super teether!

the hub is also very pro-bf. He has told me how is actually very happy that I was laid off so that I could stay with her & he tells me I'm an amazing mommy- I love hearing that!

feel better soon

Carrie said...

That is so sweet! He is right on all counts about nursing of course, but not all men or women recognize that. You've got a great hubby!

As for the sinus headaches, I am sorry- those are the WORST. Hoping they clear up soon. Many hugs!

Arly said...

Where do you buy your wraps?

rocket.queen. said...

Arly, I am a member of a message board called They have a for sale or trade section where mamas sell their used wraps. I rarely buy new because you can get better deals on them used. BUT, if you wanna look at new ones try this site.

Beautiful Mess said...

WOW! What a turbo teething little guy you got there! Awww Donnie is so sweet! That melted me, too!

I've heard AMAZING things about the Netti Pot for sinus problems. I haven't ever used one, but 2 of my friends did and they couldn't say enough good things about it. See if you can find something there. I bet you can. Feel better soon, love!

Kate said...

super big "AW!" on the bf-ing stuff. :) i'm so jealous!

mandy_moo said...

That is awesome. Donnie is super cool. Also, I just got my first (used) wrap from my sister, I am super excited!! :D