Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last time I did this...

it was a flop. No one asked me questions. It was a huge blow to my ego and I very nearly stopped blogging. Yeah, I know, dramatic, but sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve, it seems.

But anyway, I seem to have some decent traffic (I really need to re-add the little visitor tracker thingie) I thought I would try again.

Ask me any question you would like. No topic is off limits and I promise to answer truthfully.




Kickin' Kari said...

I have this ignorant pre-conceived notion that China is dirty, I don't know where I got that idea in my head from..Is it that way at all?

Birdee said...

I hope I don’t make an idiot of myself by not having my facts straight - correct me where I'm wrong.

But you are living in China? (is that correct?)

What do you miss about living in the US?

& since your move to China, What differences would you make in the US if you could.

What is the hardest part of living in China?

What is your favorite part of living in China?

Hollie said...

Exciting that you are TTC! Good luck. It's very interesting to me that you are living in China. I have read up on your blog a little, but I am still curious. Why the move to China? What kind of teaching are you doing? And you mentioned going to school? Maybe I missed some details. Hope I'm not being too nosey...

mandy_moo said...

I'm going to think really hard, I swear I will come up with something. stupid prego brain...

Queen Bee said...

well i participated last time! ;)

i'd like to learn more about Taoism. how did you come to find that it was best spiritual fit for you? are there ceremonies specific to it as other faiths do?

Tabatha said...

Can I ask 2? Pretty please!?

Ok, #1, Do you plan on moving back to the US and if so when?

#2, How did you and Donnie meet?

Anonymous said...

I think I may have left this as a comment before, but ...

I'm a Christian Protestant with a strong interest in learning about other religions. I'd love to hear more about Taoism and your practice of it. I actually always thought of Taoism as more of a philosophy than a religion. I'd be curious to know:

How is it practiced? Do you attend services? Participate in prayer or meditation? Is there a sacred text?

What drew you to the religion?

What was your experience of being a Taoist in the US vs. China? I'm assuming a lot more people practice it and are familiar with it in China.

Thanks, Jessi!!

amandaleggett said...

I know that you and your DH are very devoted to your religion...but I can't remember what it's called and what the principles are. (I know. I suck lol)

So, how did you come to find this religion (if that's what you call it) and what drew you to it?

JAIME said...

please don't ever stop blogging, i was very disappointed when i logged in for all those months (okay maybe it wasn't THAT long) and there was nothing from you. your one of my fav people from the prego boards on webmd. anyway... um, a question... do you ever plan to return to living in the us? what exactly is donnie teaching in china?

Larissa said...

As a fellow breastfeeding mother, what was the hardest part of breastfeeding for you? What age to plan on BF to? If you got pregnant and gave birth to your new baby while still breastfeeding your son, would you tandem breastfeed?

Christina said...

In China do you have medical insurance? How does health care there work?

When you do conceive will you give birth in a traditional hospital, birthing center, home??

Where will Q go to school? Will you homeschool?

Klane said...

I offered before but I am really interested in being someone's penpal/packagepal and was wondering if you wanted anything from the US that I could send to you? Are you up for it? I will send you Cinnimon Toast Crunch!

fuentes said...

Hello, my name is Lisa and I’m a blog stocker.

I’m also a crappy commenter and question comer upper, but here goes

What is your opinion of the Chinese gender calendar?

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

cool new background.

yes, i want to know all about china and taoism.

what else?

fave food there?

favorite cartoon when you were a child? favorite childhood game? if you could be a sandwich, what would your toppings be?

LOL. yeah. i am silly.

Arly said...

Blog stalker here (we met on the ttc boards in 07...)

2 questions

1. Has Q ever seemed to want to wean himself? And what have you done about it?

2. What do you think about orgasms during natural childbirth?