Sunday, March 16, 2008

This sucks...

Plain and simple.

I want to clean. Good god, my house needs it. By the time I get home from my 9 1/2 hour days at work, I am freaking POOPED and all I want to do is sit on my ever-growing ass and watch TV, knit, or sleep. Then, the weekend rolls around and I SWEAR I am going to clean.


Still tired.

And, actually, do you know/remember how hard it is to bend over with a basketball strapped to your middle? It makes me winded just thinking about doing it, let alone bend, stand, bend, stand, walk a few steps, bend, stand.... UGH.

It's really driving me nuts and I wish wish WISH I had someone who would just say, "Don't worry about it, Jess, I'll clean for you." Heh, not that lucky, am I?

So with 10 days left to EDD, I am doing my best with what I call "cleaning spurts". Pick up a few things. Rest. Wipe a table or countertop. Rest. Take out all the wrapping paper trash from my shower 3 weeks ago. Rest. TAKE A NAP. Stand back and look at what I've accomplished, then sit down and cry because I've barely made a dent.

My frustration with this whole situation is getting pretty intense right now.


Anonymous said...

i'll be down that way on March 22nd... auditioning for the Wheel... i'll clean for you!!!!!

Love Jenny
aka filla

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

I can't believe that you have 10 days left! That's just over a week! I CANNOT wait to hear all about it. You're going to do SSSOOO well that it won't matter how clean things are or what else is going on.
I'm thinkin' of ya!

MDShamrocks07 said...

You know I'd come clean for you!! If only I had money to come see you!


Poltzie said...

I cannot believe that you are still working - You Are AMAZING!
I am taking the lazy route out and starting my mat leave three weeks before my due date.
I can only imagine how hard it is to work right now and then come home and do anything!
Why isn't hubby cleaning, making you dinner, rubbing your back, etc? Ok, he's probably doing most of those things and getting quite tried too hey!

Jewels said...

I know it may seam impossible to imagine this, but after you deliver, you will be able to tie your shoes again (or bend over to pick something up) with out havening to hold your breath and feel like you're going to have a hemorrhage in your brain, and you'll be able to skip up stairs again too.
Hang in there sweetie.

I just want you to know I'm checking on you every day, when I dont see anything posted for a while (here or myspace), I'll assume he's here.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are getting close to nesting. I use to do the same thing say I will empty the dishwasher after this quick nap and hours later the dishes would still be sitting in there.LOL I remmeber the basketball belly. Near the end I couldn't even tie my own shoes anymore. Enjoy the last few days with your belly because you will miss it once it is not there anymore. I know I do.

You are getting so close now. I am sure you are getting excited to meet your little man.