Sunday, March 2, 2008


I'm "emotional".

No shit, Sherlock.

Why is it again we love our men so much? They are clueless, clumsy, socially awkward creatures with terrible habits and even worse manners...

Then I think of moments like this:

Drunken St Patty's


One year anniversary


Just because...

And I melt all over again. I am so incredibly blessed to be married to this man, sock hiding habits and all. He completes me and has made me into such a BETTER person than I could have imagined I could be.

Oh yeah, and Happy March... 24 more days, HOLY SHIT!


Stephanie said...

We love them because they make us better people. They simplify a rather complex person and at least for me... Brian sees straight through my tough exterior, my smile, through all of me down to the depths of my soul. He helps me realize that I am able to get through anything with him holding my hand and it's a beautiful hand to be holding.

When the time comes and your son enters this world, you and Donnie will be brought to a whole new level together. There you will see each other in this new light and some how you will still be the exact same couple you have always been, but with this enourmous amount of respect for the other.

You will look at this man you love with every ounce of your being holding your little boy. A little boy you both created - you will see pieces of this man you love so completely and at that precise moment you see pieces of yourself. It is so much greater than you though and it is amazing.

I never made it to where you are in your pregnancy. I delivered Bradley at 35 weeks, so keep believing in yourself, you are doing a beautiful job.