Wednesday, March 19, 2008

39 weeks down

???? more to go?

I'll get straight to the point and the news you are all waiting for... Progress... We have SOME. I am now a fingertip dilated (none last week) 50% effaced (20% last week), and baby is at +2 station, or as DH calls it, "locked and loaded" (0 station last week).

My midwife is pleased. She says that for a first timer, that is nice progress. The only non progress thing is that my cervix is VERY posterior. My midwife has to really reach for it. She said it will move forward very quickly once it starts to dilate more and the time comes.

I gained 6 pounds in the week though. This made me cry, but my midwife assures me it's all in my elephant feet that won't stop swelling. The swelling is just my feet and ankles and as long as it stays there and doesn't spread to my shins and calves, she is fine with it. Stupid water retention!! I'm still well under their cut off point for weight gain (50 lbs) so she is really pleased because I eat really well and exercise.

I am GBS negative, so that's a relief for me, personally.

Here's hoping I won't make it to my 40 week appointment, but I am sure I will. Friday is a full moon and I can't say I would be angry if he decides he wants to be born that weekend.


Andrea said...

Great to see a young mother-to-be out here! I've loved reading your blog. I can see the good and not so good aspects of pregnancy. I'm eager to keep up with you as you welcome a new life into the world and go through all of the adjusting. I think you will do great, good luck!

Stephanie said...

You are soooo close. Full moons are lucky, so here's for Friday!

Poltzie said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that your "locked and loaded" turns into a "quick bang"!
Everyone tells me that whatever weight you gain after 26 weeks is all baby and you will lose it right away!
Good luck and thanks for the update, I'm checking this page daily now :)

Jewels said...

Yay for the Good News.
I think this last week can be far worse than any 2ww. It feels like it will never end (my experience anyway) I cried because I felt 2 months overdue when I wasn’t even to my Due Date.

And isn’t it creepy what ankles can look like when you cant see the bones in them? Weird what water can do.
I went in the hospital at 175 and came home at 168, I lost 8 lb and my son was 8lb 13oz. Hurmmmmm.

~Big Arm Stretch Hug~ I love Your Big Belly, but you need a final Pic. Ok, you don’t need one, I just want you to have one ;)

April said...

Hi! I found your blog through Poltzie's and I have to admit I have been stalking it recently...I LOVE to hear about babies and pregnant women (I SO have the fever!) and I just wanted to wish you good luck and a nice smooth delivery when the time comes!!!
:-) April

Emmysmom said...

I just wanted to let you know I LOVE reading your blog! I was on the WebMd boards with you for a while and I had my daughter in February. I also wanted to wish you a smooth and fast delivery. You deserve the best and you are so close to having it. Being a mom the most rewarding and beautiful gift! I have no doubt that you will rock at it. Your little boy is extremely lucky to have such awesome parents! I just hope you'll still have some time for your blog because I've become quite addicted!
P.S. I tried to leave a post the other day and I'm not sure it worked. So if you get this twice, I'm sorry! ;)