Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Again, with this shit...

She just doesn't get it.

Just because she had everyone and there dog in the room with her when she gave birth to Donnie does NOT mean she has the right to be there when I give birth.

I don't know how else to explain it to her... We've offered to let her stay at our HOUSE for several days after the initial 24 hours is up but apparently that isn't good enough. She still thinks we are being selfish and intentionally spiteful toward her by not allowing her front row seating to my fucking crotch!

"I had boys, so what do I know?"

Fucking A.

I don't feel bad about what I want. This is MY pregnancy, MY birth, and MY child and this isn't the fucking 70s where they strapped you down and made you a spectacle so BUTT OUT.

FUck fucklufkcufcjkjf;e' I am so pissed off. She doesn't dare say a word to me because she knows better than to push my buttons, but she has been bitching about this to Donnie behind my back hoping that he will give in. I don't even want MY OWN MOTHER in the room (if she could even make it).

Now I'm just upset and it sucks. I just want him to come already so we can get past all this drama and I can hold my little boy and know everything is ok.


Andrea said...

Is this your MIL?? I feel bad for you and support your decision! The only person besides the doctors/nurses who will be in the room when I give birth will be my husband. My mom and MIL can stay out in the waiting room and I would actually prefer my MIL not even be in the hospital until a couple of hours after the birth. lol

I hope you have your little boy soon! Good luck :-)

Driving With the Brakes On said...

What is it with mother-in-laws?! You are right - YOUR pregnancy, YOUR birth, YOUR crotch! I was induced with my first baby, and was so fed-up with MIL and FIL and their antics that we not only didn't tell them that I was being induced, but held off calling them for a good 4 hours after the birth. I know to this day that she is still upset about not getting to see her first grandchild in the hospital, but I don't regret our actions in the least!

Hope your little one makes his appearance soon!

Colleen said...

I'm sorry that this is still going on. My MIL thinks she's going to be in the room too. I asked my husband to talk to her about it and he hasn't. She's going to be surprised to find that she's barred from the room by hospital staff. Oh well, like you said "My pregnancy, my birth, my crotch." Hopefully you will go into labor at night and maybe can use that as an excuse as to why you didn't call.

Amber said...

Don't stress yourself about it! If need be just tell the nurses to tell everyone that they can't some in right now...That way it isn't you telling them but the actual hospital staff.

Good luck hun...I hope that your boy gets here soon! Have you eaten your ice cream yet today????

Poltzie said...

You are being so selfish, come on who doesn't want their mother-in-law looking at their crotch!!
Seriously though, I'm sorry she is making everything into such a drama.
Our hospital (actually all the hospitals in our city) will only let two support people in the room with you and will only let the grandparents come into the post partum room. Totally makes sense to me!
I also can't imagine having anyone looking at my vagina except my husband (and even then I'm still not sure).
Hopefully your little man comes soon!

Karin said...

((hugs)) Jessi -
I'm sorry she keeps pushing like this. Luckily it sounds like Donnie is standing his ground for you, which is good. I hope that Quinn decides to make his arrival soon so all of this frustration can be a distant memory! Hang in there!!

Jewels said...

Well I dont see you here today, I hope that's good news!! (yipee)