Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh yeah...

Happy St Patrick's Day.

I have a love/hate relationship with this holiday. I hate the bandwagon Irish(wo)men. You know, the ones that only claim the heritage when it gets them another beer or the chance to grope a drunk chick.

I LOVE the fact that I have an entire day to justify my drunken Irish ancestry with pints of Guinness (OMG YUM!) and corned beef and cabbage (DOUBLE YUM!).

And, I love green.

So, all in all, I come out a winner on this holiday. And it looks like my son will NOT be a St Patty's baby *shrug*. Can't say it bothers me... although I am having some decent painful contractions since earlier this afternoon... I have my midwife appointment tomorrow afternoon so I will see if I'm getting anywhere with this pain and pressure.

So, my friends, get drunk for me and have an Irish Car Bomb or 7 in my honor!


Anonymous said...

he's almost here... congrats...
could we get 1 more belly pic on your baby board before you pop???

Stephanie said...

Dude, we're going out for drinks once Quin shows up and you can figure out the boob situation. At least once before you all move, lol!

Jewels said...

I cant wait to hear about your appointment. Hope it looks good, like "He'll be here by the weekend" good.

Poltzie said...

Oh, good luck at the appointment, hopefully this is it!