Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ok, I take it back...

I am freaking out.

I am so tired and miserable and sore and achy and exhausted. I want this baby OUT of me and I am seriously reconsidering EVER wanting another child. I have hit a wall and curled up in bed and sobbed for 20 minutes earlier.

I have uncomfortable contractions ALL day that don't get any stronger no matter what I try and my poor joints are so worn and sore that I am beyond waddling... I am walking something like Frankenstein. I am getting that "You poor thing" look from strangers and even DH asked me if I was ok when I walked into the store to pick him up today... I look that miserable, I guess... but really, I AM that miserable.

The idea that this could go on for another 11 days makes me want to rip my hair out and collapse into a crying snotty mess.

The only good thing to happen today is I found out that my Mom AND my sister are flying out from Texas April 11th to spend a weekend with us. Any of you who have followed the drama with my mother know how meaningful this is to me.

Now if I can just get this baby out before then... heh.


Poltzie said...

Oh hun I'm so sorry! I know that you will make it through this because you are really a strong gal (think of all you have gone through to get to this point).
I'm so happy for you that your family will be coming to visit!
Pretty soon you will be holding your little dino and this will all be a distant memory (I know, easy to say).

Stephanie said...

Oh sweet girl. It is hard not to let it get ahold of you, grip you by the shoulders and shake you when you are this miserable. You are indeed normal and I hope this is not much longer.

p.s. The snotty mess cries are the ugliest, but they help take the edge off the best!