Thursday, March 27, 2008

Let me take a moment

and list the good things about being overdue....

I still get ice cream.


Amber said... cream! After you have the baby, I have to say that ice cream isn't nearly as enjoyable any more. Ugh!

Hoping today is your day!

Jewels said...

Dang It! And I thought!... Oh never mind :( doesnt matter, ~hugs~
I hope your feeling ok, this must be hard being over due, I felt over due 2 weeks before my due date.
Are you haveing any Painful Contractions? How about Diare- Diharee- Dhir- The shits? (Yes, thats a sign of your body getting ready for labor)

When is your next appointment?

Ugh! Hang in there sweetie, I'm thinking about ya, and obsessivly checking up on you.

rocket.queen. said...

Yeah... I was hoping I wouldn't be here...

I haven't had a normal poo in a week or so... It's been less firm. (GROSS).

I am having painful contractions but they aren't getting closer together or more intense... so we're just hanging out.

Next appointment is Tuesday, but my TCM Dr has demanded I call him if nothing by tomorrow and he will work his acupuncture magic. Seems only fitting since his treatments are what got us pregnant to begin with.

Elisabeth said...

I was a week overdue... I remember it all too well.

I even resorted to jumping jacks, lunges, leg kicks, and nothing- absoultely nothing- helped get that baby out. lol!

Good luck to you! Hoping it happens tonight!!!

Stephanie said...

I love ice cream!