Monday, November 10, 2008

Yeah, that is enough of that.

We moved in with my parents about 3 months ago because we are going overseas for 5+ years early next year and I wanted them to have a chance to bond with Quinlon before we left. We didn't NEED to live with them. We had many other options, but for my peace of mind and conscience I wanted to give them a chance to spend time with Quinlon and maybe reconnect our dysfunctional relationship.

Well, relationship is still dysfunctional and on top of that, I get blamed for everything... so NOTHING has changed. I clean the house while everyone is at work, but maybe I forgot something, or Quinlon was having a bad day so I miss something, all hell breaks loose and I am told how I "do nothing around the house." DH is in Chicago working so it's just me with NO car and no way to escape anything. And when we first moved here, they PROMISED to help with the baby TONS and babysit him so I could work. Yeah, that didn't pan out. I feel lied to about that.

I have a friend who is going to train me to be a Doula in exchange for helping her around the house, with homeschooling her 3 girls, and short notice babysitting since she is on call for births. AND she will baby sit Quinlon in the evenings so I could get a part time job and actually get out of the damn house.

I tell my parents and their responses basically belittle me for making "dumb choices" and my mom pulls a guilt trip about not being with them for the holidays.

Umm, well, FIL is the ONLY granparent who has not even SEEN Quinlon yet, sorry, but I thought it might be a neat idea for him to meet his only grandson before we go overseas too.

Now that you are up to speed, today was just the last straw. My mom is sick. My Dad mentions WE (as in my 20 year old sister, 14 year ld brother and myself) should keep the kitchen picked up so my Mom doesn't do it. Agreed. I am feeling pretty shitty myself due to a teething, sick child who wakes up at night no less than 15x (26+ times last night) and refuses to go back to sleep unless I sit by his crib and pat him for 10 minutes.

Except, I am the only one who has done ANYTHING. But, oh fuck no, I forgot to wipe the counter top. Unloading and reloading the dishwasher and putting away my sister's cooking mess from hours ago was not enough. My Dad then berates ME for leaving the counter "filthy".

Where's my sister?


I am done. Fuck you. I am not staying for Thanksgiving. I don't care how much you boohoo. I do not deserve your shit just because you don't agree with my lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel! I live with my parents right now while DH is away, and they drive me CRAZY!!!! I am supposed to clean the house, cook dinner, run my parent's errands if need be, take care of my baby, go to school full time, and take care of my obligations for my own personal needs (balance check book, pay bills, etc). I have a 24 year old sister that lives with me, but she doesn't have to lift a finger because she works part time. drives me INSANE!!!! If I didn't love living in Houston so I could be near both sides of the family so much, I'd move my butt somewhere else!!!! lol I hope that things get better for you!