Friday, November 7, 2008

Brain jumble.

I rarely do bulleted posts... but I have a LOT on my mind and that seems the most effective way of emptying it into pixels.

- I am really more than sick of political ignorance. I wouldn't even type this from the perspective of my TRUE views, but from a neutral standpoint. My own sister even said in her own words that Obama is anti-christian and suddenly now baby killing and gays are going to run rampant. While I don't think this country is on a good path currently, that is even ludicrous to the most asinine person.

- Depression sucks. This is all triggered by my severe separation anxiety and the fact that my parents are the least understanding people I've ever met. This whole adventure living with them (only so that they could spend time with their grandson, mind you) has given me sad closure. My parents and I are from two different planets. They can't wrap their minds around why we do what we do and I cannot and will not conform to their standards. The small town mentality works for them... not me.

- I am officially TESL certified and once my certificate arrives, I'm applying for jobs in China like a madwoman. We are so close to living our dream.

- Teething sucks donkey testicles. That is all I have to say about that.

- Cruising is proving dangerous for Quinlon. So far we have 3 head bruises, a busted lip and numerous bumps and screaming fits. He is fearless and that very quality seems to be what is getting him hurt.

- I want sushi so bad I cry when I think about it.

- I can't wait to move to Houston to stay with an amazing friend and her family. She is going to teach me to be a Doula and all about homeschooling. NOt to mention I will be able to get a part time job!!!!

That is all I can think of for now. I need lunch and some wine. Too bad I only have lunch.


R2K said...

: )


Queen Bee said...

congrats on all of your hard work for the TESL certification! that's wonderful!

good luck in Houston-- i hope you feel better there.

Anonymous said...

If you need any help getting settled in Houston, let me know. I can point you to good parks and fun things to do with your kiddo (especially now that the weather is back in decent ranges!)

izzyrmac at hotmail is where you find me!