Wednesday, November 19, 2008

General musings during naptime before showering

There is a certain beauty in chaos. The noise, the movement, the overall madness and cacophony that envelops you.

I love it.

It just confirms I was meant to have a large family. Not to mention, Quinlon loves being the center of the craziness. He has adjusted sooooo easily to being in a house with 4 other children. He adores the older girls who dote on him and give him the attention he demands constantly and is fascinated by the youngest whom is only 2.5 months his senior. She is significantly less interested in him, but he seems to enjoy the thrill of the chase.

In the midst of the chaos, I feel quite together... oddly enough. I have really been focusing on the new perspective the Tao has given me and so happy in knowing I am bringing my life into harmony with the Tao. Personal cultivation feels so good.


Sarah R said...

Aw, sounds like you guys are adjusting nicely!

Thanks, by the way. I'm still nervous. I want to call today to see if they can put me on a progesterone supp. I am scared that that's what caused my early m/c in July.