Monday, November 10, 2008

So far not so good.

9:09 PM - Quinlon falls asleep.

9:37 PM - Wakes up and mama has to pat for 7 minutes...


3 nights in a row of waking up every 15 minutes to an hour (mostly 15-30 minutes) ALL NIGHT LONG has left me sick, sleep deprived to the point of emotional collapse and an all around terrible mother who can only think of how much she sorta doesn't like her son so much.

I have never prayed so hard for something so simple in my life. I don't think I can physically take this another night. Even reflux newborn was better than this.

Wish us luck.


Nikki said...

Hm, Have you tried feeding him? Typically they don't start going all night without a feeding until around 9-12 months. Heck, I know 2 year olds that still wake up twice to eat. Anyway, I'm sure you probably ruled that out.

Try putting a shirt in the crib that you have worn all day. Sometimes this can relax them enought to sleep longer. I find that wearing Cannon an hour before bed really helps too.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! The important thing to always remember is that EVERYTHING is a phase, good and bad stuff. This will pass and you will get your sweet little one back soon. And we all feel like we are horrible mothers sometimes.

rocket.queen. said...

Nikki, we definitely still eat before bedtime. Hell he still nurses 3-4x a night NORMALLY. He's just hit so many milestones and is cutting 2 teeth all at once so sleep is a forgotten concept here.

Anon, I am chanting :it's just a phase: like it's a magic spell. Fortunately, last night was a bit better, so I got to recharge somewhat.