Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well, I'll be damned.

Quinlon is growing up.

Who knew so much happened at 6 months? I sure didn't.

Thanks, Steph for the links to baby led weaning. I am not sure why I hadn't heard of it and now that I spent several hours poring over all the info out there, I am in love with this method of solid feeding.

Matter of fact, we are going to let him try some avocados tonight and see what he does since he has been so interested in what we are eating.

Then I realized that this means I need to get him sippies. He spent 20 minutes earlier drinking from my glass and actually swallowing half of it while the other half he dumped down his shirt.

Where has time gone????

So. Now I need BPA free sippy cup recommendations. A few people have said the straw style ones are easier at first. Any opinions?


I got tons of input via email and a message board I am on and fortunately, Nuby sippies are all BPA free and dirt cheap! YAY! We have 2 on the way here now.


Sarah R said...

Ah yes, this is the time where it seems like they grow up so quickly! I looked at some 6 month pics of Andrew not long ago and I thought he was big then, but now I realize how little he was. Now he's huge! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a lurker, but I wanted to say that has a list of BPA free sippies and other products.

Jewels said...

Amazing how much they grow up in 6 months. All that overwhelming newborn stuff - gone, and deeply missed (imo), heh- it's funny, every age and mile stone of Dylans, I find my self thinking "This is my favorite age" but every moment is my favorite.

No idea about sippy cups, I dont think I had many options 13 years ago, I got mine from tupperwear for way too much money, then found the same thing at K-mard for a lot less, but they are cheep and I still have some, just w/o the lids.

Christina said...

My friend actually just bought some of those cups with the built in straw at Walmart and they are BPA free. They're great because they're leak proof.

Poltzie said...

Anything in Canada is BPA free so maybe look for a Canadian site?

Steph said...

Your very welcome. Its really the best! Great messy fun and so much better than mush and purees and dealing with making food. The whole concept just really makes so much sense. I really hope it all turns out great for you guys. And yes Nuby brand is what we have. Target has a few BPA free options as well.

Nikki said...

Yep, Nubys are great. We have them and they ARE BPA-free.

Stephanie said...

Brad learned to drink out of the Nuby's. Apparently their soft nipple/mouth piece is just easier for them to transition too. We loved them. After a while though, the can leak through the mouth piece. I think this was caused by teething though.