Friday, September 26, 2008

Stuntman Quin

I should have taken it as a sign when I got grey hairs when he was still inutero.

3 falls in 4 days.

Sunday night he flipped backwards off the bed and clipped his head on the bedside table.

He cried and cried and once we was calm, I cried just as hard as he did.

Then today, he was laying across my legs and he THREW himself off my lap and onto the tile floor. Unlike the first mishap, this one left a rather large goose egg on his noggin. We recovered nicely after some cuddles and nursing...

Fast forward a few hours. Yes, a few hours when Quinlon inch worm crawled his way off the bed during naptime. He missed all hard objects and landed on a pillow that had fallen off before him. Stopped crying the moment I picked him up.

I have a daredevil on my hands. With me sitting right there he tries to scoot head first off the edge of things. So, the issue of not having a place for him to sleep other than my bed has become top priority. I will be getting the previously mentioned co-sleeper this weekend.

Until then... I will be growing many more grey hairs, I'm sure.


Cate said...

Boys will be boys... I think it's in their genes to make their mama's prematurely gray.

Sarah R said...

Andrew is a daredevil too. All of his falls have been while I was at work. I hate that phone call when I can hear Andrew screaming in the background! Boobies make booboos better. :)

I tagged you in my blog!

Queen Bee said...

oh i am right there with you. Logan is so wild and wiggly!