Friday, September 12, 2008

Realizations are funny.

In trying to keep my blog neutral, it seems I've painted myself into a corner and have issues finding anything to blog about since I tend to want to edit out my more controversial beliefs.

Then I thought about it. It's my blog, who the fuck am I trying to keep happy? It hasn't been me. So, from now on, my blog will be about our life, of course, but also about all the issues the grind my gears and give me passion to speak out.

Phew. Glad all that bullshit is out of the way.

Now, the good stuff. Intrigued yet?

The real me hates "modern" medicine and hasn't seen a "real" doctor in years.

The real me doesn't take medicine unless there is NO other option.

The real me doesn't touch high fructose corn syrup, sodium stearyl lactylate, hydrogenated (partially or not) oils, aspartame, sucralose, or any other artificial sweetener.

The real me does not eat dairy. At first, because of Quinlon's reflux issues and now because I refuse to put hormones meant to grow a calf into a 600 lb cow into my body. No wonder I couldn't lose weight for so long.

The real me is anti government. They do NOT have our best interests at heart. They do NOT care about our financial welfare. They do NOT care about us AT ALL. We are slaves to then. Cheap labor and hosts for them to drain resources from.

The real me is a huge breastfeeding advocate.

The real me refuses to let a disposable diaper touch her children and is sad that those chemical filled pieces of shit are even an option.

The real me is a professional knitter.

The real me prefers to buy handmade despite the price difference than cheap mass produced crap.

The real me wishes we had the money to buy ONLY handmade and weren't forced to buy mass produced crap sometimes.

The real me will never vaccinate her children. The truth is out there and I refuse to put poisons in my children.

The real me is sad for all the people who believe what they are told.

The real me is glad to be leaving this country because the shit is about to hit the fan.

The real me knows September 11th was orchestrated by the U.S. Government.

The real me is not popular nor do I fit in.

I am ok with it.

From today on, I will use my blog to share the things that are important to me and the things that make the real me, the real me.

The real me is a bitch with lots of unpopular convictions.


Nicole - Raising Animals said...

Sometimes I think you're a little crazy but I still love you! And I'll still read no matter what you blog about!

Poltzie said...

Welcome back! I don't always agree with you but I still love to read about all of it :)

rocket.queen. said...

Nicole, I know I am a little crazy, but it works for me LOL.

Lilah, very few people agree with me on a lot of aspects. That's what makes the world go 'round. Differences.

Cate said...

Strong unpopular convictions are better than no convictions at all. No matter what I'll keep reading because you are an interesting person.

Christina said...

Well put, I pretty much agree with most of the things you said. I hope that you start blogging more often!

Queen Bee said...

i like hearing what you have to say as well-- i've learned a lot! good for you for not selling out your beliefs like so many others.

Stephanie said...

That-a-girl! Missed ya bunches!

rocket.queen. said...

Funny how the post I was worried would scare people away has gotten the most comments.

Donnie was shocked that all you out in bloggerland didn't already know we are dirty stinking hippies. lol.

Anonymous said...

Its probably a good thing you are leaving this country with an additude like that!

rocket.queen. said...

" Anonymous said...

Its probably a good thing you are leaving this country with an additude like that!"

Oh, please! Grow a fucking pair and post under your ID.

Also, I like my attitude just fine. Feel free to refute any of my beliefs. I am always up for debates.

And for the record, try spell check next time you try to ride the high horse. Kinda loses it's effect if you can't even spell a 3rd grade level spelling word correctly.

Anonymous said...

Very mature...very mature. Do you kiss your son with that mouth???

rocket.queen. said...

Sorry, I don't cater to prudes.

Anonymous said...

You are crazy!!! You talk bad about this country but you are one of those people that probably have never left the country. When you travel and actually see other parts of the world and the way other people live then you have the right to an opinion on this country. GROW UP!!!!

rocket.queen. said...

Sorry. Good try. I have traveled outside of the country.

Anymore silly ideas?

rocket.queen. said...

Oh and let me add that it wasn't Mexico or Canada or a silly school trip that was chaperoned and scheduled to death. Nor was it an English speaking country. Poor as those people were, they were happy and not being poisoned by their own government.

Once again, I dare you to bring up some valid arguments as to how anything I believe in is "childish".

Anonymous said...

I just wonder whats going to happen when you take your small child to another country with no vaccines?? Not smart!!
And it looks like there are other people that think you are totaly nuts!!! And to think there are people who actually want to be in this country and want to are here just taking up space!

rocket.queen. said...

You see, if vaccines worked, your argument would be plausible.

You are also mistaken if you think I care that "other people" think I am nuts.

Are you really so unhappy that you keep coming back to make futile attempts at an argument?

Taking up space... hmm, I guess you would know.

And AGAIN I ask that you come back with actual "facts" you want to argue other than your asinine opinion on my personality.

Amber said...

Dont agree with you, but still will read. Your son is just too cute!

Sarah said...

*snort* Jessi, I'm not sure anonymous can understand big words like "asinine" with that "additude." :b: :wub:

Anonymous said...

You are right...vaccines DONT work. Thats why there are SOOO many people in the US dying of whooping cough, measels, mumps and polio. And thats why those diseases are not around anymore. Because of all the vaccines that are out there. But you probably know more than all the millions of Drs out there. And as far as hating here.....I dont think you will find another country in this world that will tolerate your mouth the way the people in the US will. Have you thought that maybe all of your country bashing may offend the people that fought for your right to run your ignorant mouth to begin with. Grow up!

Colleen said...

Here we go again, it's the 1st tri boards all over. I guess some people really don't like to be told how it really is. I'm glad that you decided not to sugar coat your blog anymore- how boring is that!!!!!

I love reading what you have to say keep it up.

Sarah R said...

Wow, you and I share a lot of the same beliefs. I'll be adding you to my "Blogs I follow" list.

After my son had a reaction after his 2 month shots, I stopped vaccinating too. We are currently on hold and I'll see which ones (if any) we'll do. After that appointment, I thought I had ruined him, and I think I would rather take my chances than cause permanent damage.

I am anti-war too, but that doesn't make me anti-troops. I think people tend to make assumptions about those of us who want everyone on both sides to stay safe.

I also use cloth diapers; although I switched late in the game (9 months). I love it!

I breastfeed because: it's natural, our breasts and bodies were designed to do so, it's fun, it's cheaper, it's easy (especially at night), I know what's going into my son's body, and all in all--it's the best experience I've ever had! I now fall into the *gasp* extended nursing category as Andrew turned one last month.

My husband and I lead paraben-free, HFCS-free, PTFE-free, BPA-free, hydrogenated-free natural as possible lives! :)

We use cloth grocery bags and shop at the food co-op.

We have 2 large gardens and several fruit trees in our yard, all of them untreated with pesticides. I know we look like a couple of hippies to the neighbors, but do I really care that I'm not following the herd?

I really don't care what people think of me. I know I'm a good mom.

Always remember: the government doesn't like free thinkers. They like when you're too busy wondering what's happening on Grey's Anatomy to see that the economy is collapsing around you and that the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Poltzie said...

"Lilah, very few people agree with me on a lot of aspects. That's what makes the world go 'round. Differences."
That is one of the main reasons why I became a Social Worker. I am able to respect other's differences without having to believe in them. It's really too bad that most of our world leaders can't do the same thing.

About the immunizations. I've only heard of the Autism link (no longer research based) but I'm confused about the rest of the problems you speak of. Can you give me some links so I can look into it more? THanks!

ps. How did you do with Ike? My husband's company has no power and his trip to Houston was called off, sounds like things are pretty bad lately?

mandy_moo said...

Hooray for hippies!!! I want to be one when I grow up. LOL

seriously, my secret fantasy would be to have a nice big piece of land and have a huge garden, a bunch of animals, including llamas, which I would use to make my own wool to make sweaters and cool multi-colored pants for my kids. I would like to cloth diaper and not vaccinate. And maybe even have our own solar panels and/or windmill so we don't have to be paying out the wazoo for power. I don't come out and say this to most people because they'd think that's weird, but I'm okay with telling you. :)

and as you may have noticed, I have posted comments on like 3 of your blog posts... I have spent my Saturday evening reading your entire blog..... hehehe... okay now I'm a little embarrassed because that probably just sounds pathetic.