Friday, September 19, 2008

A lot on my mind...

I sat here and stared at the flashing cursor for at least 5 minutes. Geeze. I feel like there's an angry ant hill in my head and someone just poked a stick in it.

So instead of rambling, here are some recent pictures from our life.

Quinlon likes to take sips of water or white tea from our cups. He will spill it trying to snatch the cup from you.

My boys

Here's a video of him sitting up on his own!


Poltzie said...

I love when he falls over, so cute! I can't wait until Lawson can sit!

rocket.queen. said...

It's so convenient. You can just put him down and he sits there and is like "hmm what can I grab and put in my mouth while ma-ma ties her shoe?"

Cate said...

So sweet! I love his cute lil face and hair. He sits so well!