Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On a positive note...

Quinlon is feeling much better. Still congested, but it's no longer interfering with nursing and sleeping. And even at his sickest, he still slept at night with his usual routine. I am so glad we did the sleep training before he got sick otherwise, it would have been a trainwreck.

Now, if we can just cut that tooth that has been giving us fits for the last month and a half.

At the request of a few people, I am going to provide some links about vaccination. This is such a sticky topic and rarely do I even bother to discuss it because of reactions much like Anonymous. It's hard to see that just because a doctor has an MD after their name does not mean that they are not being given the same propaganda as you are. Of course they push vaxes since they are TAUGHT to push them.

Anyway, enough of my soapbox for now. I would rather educate than preach. - This page also has about 5 links to other information pages at the bottom.

And the ingredients...


Poltzie said...

super, thanks!
Now about that sleep training?

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

Yay for baby feeling better. You're lucky that even when he was sick he was sleeping through the night!!
Oh, and check my blog. You have a present!