Thursday, May 22, 2008

C'mon, really?

I swear I should have known that MY child would be troublesome.

Q has developed a bad latch habit. My nipples are dying. I spoke to a Lactation Consultant who gave me some things to try over the phone and no luck... of course my problem wouldn't be solved that easy. HA!

Now I have to call her back and BEG for her to come help us... It's a freaking hour + drive to get here. I hate living in the fucking boonies.

Wish us luck. I need it. We need it. Quin is just brutal to my poor girls.


Jewels said...

I was wondering if this was going to happen. I would feel picked on if it didnt, although it sucks.
So all I can say is... once again... it gets better.

bev said...

OUCH! Hopefully she'll come down and give you guys some tips to correct it.

Amanda Fullerton said...

Hey Jessi,

Been thinking of you and Quinn. Did the lactation consultant have any good tips for you? I have a very impatient latcher on my hands and it's pretty frustrating because I have to keep re-latching him.

How is the milk intolerance/ reflux issue going?