Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sorry for going MIA.

Things have been hectic.

I decided to go back to work, only to find that my milk supply immediately suffered. We can't use formula for 2 reasons, one being religious and the other being China = not trust worthy manufacturing standards. So, I decided to quit, only to discover quitting meant they would use my date of startinf FMLA leave as my termination date making me responsible for ALL my benefit premiums form March 26th to present which equals out to some $1500 give or take a few hundred. So now I am fighting for the one 20 hour per week job they have open in hope sof working for a month so I don't owe back wages.

Q is doing better. The reflux is under control for the most part and the latch is hit or miss but always corrects with aid.

We're still just frantically gearing up for China and it seems we are going to be super tight on money. Stressful much?

Sorry to post and run, but I have homework to do while Q is still napping. To appease you vultures here are some pics and a video!


Poltzie said...

What a cutie!!!

Amanda Fullerton said...

What a cute, cute boy! I know how you feel on the moving thing. We're moving from the UK to the US and with visas and all it's getting to be VERY expensive! I hope you get the job so that you don't have to pay any of that money back.