Friday, May 2, 2008


I just had my first "oh my gosh, I miss being pregnant" moment. That's right, I got teary eyed over being pregnant again.

It seems so improbable that I would miss a condition that made me fat, cranky, sweaty, short of breath, and gave me the forest of stretch marks I am proudly sporting today.

In no way am I thinking of wanting another one... ACK! I can barely manage this one and still have VERY vivid memories of Q's delivery... all 2 tears and 26 hours of it. No no, as of now, Q will be an only child... at least until those mental scars fade a bit more.

Still, there is just something about the pure bliss of being pregnant. The anticipation, the contentment, the feeling of accomplishment, knowing you are growing a human life inside of you. It is the pinnacle of womanhood in so many ways.

Now, I have the flat tummy and you never would guess how huge it was just 5 weeks ago. And that tiny little infant that was housed so safe and warm is now laying on the bed next to me snoozing away with his dinosaur blanket. Wow. That is all there is to be said.

In not so smooshy news, we have our 4 week check up today. I'll update later on how much the babysaurus has grown.


April said...

And THIS is why I can not wait to be pregnant. I am so in awe of the body and what we women can do to bring life into the world! I can't wait to "join the club". :-)

Stephanie said...

You know... I think it is all part of the process and once you become a Mom, you know there is nothing in this world that will ever "top" growing your child and then giving birth to that beautiful baby.

Do be careful. One of my very bestfriends in the entire world now has THREE beautiful children 11 months apart. She became pregnant with TWINS shortly after birthing my God daughter.

bev said...

I had the same feeling. I was so in love my baby, but the thought of him being inside of me again or having another baby in there made me weepy.