Saturday, May 3, 2008

4 week pedi appointment!

We are now 11 pounds even right around 30th percentile for weight. 23 inches long putting him at 80th percentile for height... He's going to be tall, the pedi says. 25 inch noggin (80-90th percentile). So he basically gained 3 1/2 pounds in a month... pretty impressive!

His stool labs came back negative for allergic reaction, and the pedi says because he showed improvement in less than a week from the start of zantac and the elimination diet that it is most likely NOT a food reaction because the foods take closer to the 2 week mark to leave my milk. She wrote us refills for zantac and said to continue until our next appointment in 4 weeks. I can start adding foods back into my diet on Tuesday and hopefully we won't have any reactions.

She was happy to see his diaper rash is 90% gone.

He has some cradle cap, so any suggestions for getting rid of that?

All in all he is healthy and thriving!!


Steph said...

My little one hasn't had this yet, but from what I have heard/read, a little dollip of head and shoulders during bath time and rub it on there and keep it there for a minute or two, then rinse, be careful for the eyes cause obviously it isn't a "tearless" formula. Then comb his hair with a fine baby comb, do that at his next two baths and supposedly it will be gone in days! Good Luck! And wow I guess my baby is small, she is 10 lbs 8 oz and 9 weeks, a peanut like me I guess :) Happy Motherhood!

Amber said...


We used a little bit of olive oil on her head, then gently comb backwords with a fine tooth comb. Brooklyn's cadle cap was gone in two baths. Mostly gone in 1 but she was getting tired!

Poltzie said...

Yay for little Quinn! And yay for you being able to sleep in bed again :)

Karin said...

Way to grow Quinn!! I'm so glad the Zantac is working for you guys, and that his reflux is settling down... thank goodness!

As for the cradle cap, we have always used just a tiny bit of dandruff shampoo - head & shoulders, selsun, whatever... and make sure to rinse well. It usually takes care of it completely in one or two shampoos, it works great.

Stephanie said...

Way to GROW big boy! That is awesome! Awww, I could totally snuggle with him. Karin is a pro, follow the RN's lead, just rinse really well. I know we did that with Brad and he still has all of his hair today, lol.

bev said...

I'm glad to hear that the meds worked for him and he's growing fast! Sounds like a happy healthy baby boy to me!