Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Silly me, why was I so freaked out?

Let me just say that I looooove this doctor. He has both of us cracking up the whole time!

He didn't really tell me anything I didn't know, but when he was talking about maybe not ovulating I gave him my charts and he seemed to realize that we are both pretty ahead of the game as far as information.

So, I just have to call once AF arrives and they will do CD3 bloodwork and schedule an HSG for me. He said they do the HSGs in their office because radiologist aren't used to doing them, normally, and they make it far more painful than necessary.

He said we can do the s/a whenever Donnie has "refrained from ejaculation" for 2-3 days on our own schedule. He gave us the sterile collection cup so we could do it at home and just make an appointment to bring the sample in. We are thinking of doing it when AF comes since the first few days are sex free for us anyway.

All in all, a very very good appointment!


Monica said...

I didn't realize you'd had your appt already! wow, I did miss alot while on vacation. I'm glad everything went okay. I'll be having my HSG this next cycle too :)