Sunday, June 24, 2007

No really...

this can stop now.

I am still so desolate about the TTC thing. Blah Blah, haven't hit 12 cycles yet... I know the stats. But I also know that my heart is bruised and tired of this seemingly neverending struggle. It blows.

General Grievous is still missing. Donnie had a dream that the bitch next door (after making her threats about our cat) stole him when he went outside and gave him to somone else.


I've cried about it every night in the past week. I miss my kitty. So, Donnie, in an effort to ease my heartache, rescued another 6 month old cat and brought him home.

He's our little half siamese, blue-eyed, ball of trouble. I love him. I still miss General Grievous, but the newest addition does somewhat fill a void left by his disappearance. But, believe me, I still pray every day that Grievous will show up at our door.

Once I get my camera batteries charged, I'll post a picture or two of the beast known as Ookla, the Mok. (If you understand this obscure 80s reference then you are completely rad, if not, no worries, I still love you ;-))


Poltzie said...

Oh Jessi,
I hope you find your kitty!!
I bet he's just out there having some fun and when he's ready to settle down he will be back (he is a teenager isn't he).
Take care!

nancy said...

OH man. I'm still so sad about GG. I hope you decide to keep your kitties inside - I would hate for the horrible woman next door to do this again.