Friday, June 8, 2007

"'cause I need something more, to keep on breathing for..."

Appointment with an RE Monday June 11th.

Nervous is an understatement.

I'm just weary... that's really the only word for it. TTC for 10 cycles and 13 cycles of unprotected sex all together is just too much. The longer this takes, the more I am convinced my previous pregnancy was a fluke.

The really good news is that *if* this cycles is a bust, I will only have to wait a few days from appointment to BFN then to CD3 bloodwork. I want to get a s/a ASAP. Even my TCM doctor asked that we get the s/a done soon. Either way, I can get some straight facts on what is actually transpiring and use them to more specifcally treat my problems with both western medicine and acupuncture.

So, now I get to enjoy my long weekend knowing that Monday is going to be a big step in moving this struggle closer to fruition. Now, if I can just collect myself long enough to make a list of all the info I need to bring for the dr and all the questions I have. Any suggestions for questions?


Shayna said...

I ♥ you!

Ask what steps they'll take to help you get pregnant or figure out what's wrong...make sure they give you a plan...otherwise, give THEM a plan.

Good luck babes!

jk215 said...

I am so excited for you!!!

I am not sure of what questions to ask- but just to get a general plan from him of what he will/won't do. How aggressive or cautious etc. he is.

I hope that it is a great appointment & that if you do need the bloodwork it shows something easily fixed.

Anonymous said...

You will actually have some time for questions. The first day you ~usually~ don't get to sti down and discuss everything with doc, cause they ~usually~ want to have test results in hand for it. But maybe. Just make note of how all your charts have been going. Seems to me that you don't have any obvious thing "wrong" as your charts look good.

Don't think of your last pregnancy as a fluke. You got pregnant. Sure, maybe a lucky sperm got through, but it's not a fluke. Think of my journey. 18 months for #1, 1 month for #2 and then what? 9 at the least for #3! If I went by any one pregnancy, I'd be lost. Okay, so I'm still lost. But anywho.

I'm babbling here. I'm excited for you to get your cd3 b/w done and even more excited for D's sperm. heh. Funny thing. I care about D's sperm.

Heather said...

Jessi, I'm Heatherjoy from the boards...I occasionally stalk your blog and only lurk on the boards from time to time now. Not sure if you remember me.
Anyway, I am rooting for you and am glad that you're going to see an RE to get the answers you need. It's definitely a great step in the right direction!!! (Hope you don't mind that I'm leaving a message here)