Monday, May 21, 2007

Well, well, well...

Double digits now?

Cycle 10.

I'm a little concerned about the random shortness of mt last 2 cycles.



Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought that you aren't "KU" because you aren't ready yet?
Maybe you should go to school, become an actress, live your life, go to therapy, become a little more financially stable.
Come on, two months ago you were talking about being homeless.
You talk about cutting yourself and making girls cry. All these things scream someone who needs take care of herself - NOT a child!
Give it sometime because I promise you a fucked up person will have a fucked up child.
You will be a good mom, just not until you have taken care of some important financial and emotional aspects of your life.
I suspect you will however bitch about "anon" instead of actually addressing these issues because you know they are true.
Maybe you can't see this hunny but we all can.
- Carrie

Poltzie said...

Oh Jess,
Keeping my fingers crossed that this is the cycle for you!!

Anonymous said...

You Rock

jk215 said...

Jessi- I love you & all you have to remember is that you are a great person with a wonderful heart.

and a kick ass sense of humor.

I am really sorry about 10 cycles- but anyone who thinks that not being able to have a child is punishment for previous errors in judgement or actions doesn't really understand what it takes to be a real person. The fact that you are honest & admit your faults and try to grow from them (whether you feel the need to share what they are or where the journey has taken you or not) shows how ready & mature you really are. It takes a lot of guts & strength to shout out to the world "no I'm not perfect & I have made mistakes, but I not only recognize that- I know not to repeat them."

Carrie said...

uhh is there another Carrie cause I'm kind of confused why my name is signed to that post??