Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Since when...

is "being ready" a requirement for getting pregnant? Let's go ask the 16 year old HS girl who got knocked up on prom night if she was "ready.

But that is beside the point...

All the things that seem to get thrown back in my face are things in my past.

Let's just clear the air.

Did I used to have issues with self mutilation?-- Yes. But, darling, that was 4 years ago. Drop it.

Was I a rancid bitch in HS?--Absolutely. But, before you judge, do you know anything about my high school experiences? Maybe you were unaware of the abuse I endured... but, it's cool, go ahead judge me on my actions from 4 years ago, we've already established that with topic number one.

Have I done things before that maybe weren't the smartest/wisest/kindest things to do?--Definitely. So have you. Get over yourself.

As far as "issues" that I need to work on... believe me, I am well aware of my faults. In no way do I blame "anon" or even anyone in my past for my problems. Why do you have so much free time that you sit around and stretch for things to use against me? Take a look at yourself before your flaws overrun your sad existance. I'm fully capable of handling my life.


Anonymous said...

Where did she sign her name? I know you showed me, but I thought you published it. She should be shown to everyone for the horrible person she is. really.

Anonymous said...

AND - why spend time in clearing the air? All her ramblings are dumb anywho. Everyone can see that.

Kat said...

Beautiful my darling...beautiful!! People should not be judged by their past! I have several role models in my life today that are a perfect example of that!

Anonymous said...

okay. you need to blog more. I've looked at this un-updated blog too many times.