Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treeeaatt.....?

I got mugged today.

On the semi crowded bus on the way to teach class some man shoved me down and ran for the bus door. At first, I thought he was just trying to catch the doors before they closed but then, a split second later, I realized my phone was not in my pocket. By the time I managed to get up and orient myself we were moving again and there wasn't much I could do.

First, I was fucking angry, then a split second later, I burst into tears because of what ~could~ have happened. I'm fine, baby is fine, a little shaken, but FUCK, what if he had had a knife or if I hadn't caught myself on the chair before I fell all the way to the floor?

And to make things worse, I can't even call my husband to comfort me... I don't know his number by memory and I was too flustered to even start to think of how to ask to use someone's phone in Chinese.

I went on to class and taught, because, hell, I didn't know what to do and then after class walked a few blocks to the main campus to find a foreigner who had Donnie's number. I met my friend Sunny on the stairs and as soon as she asked why I was there I broke into tears again telling her the story.

Donnie was enraged of course.

Sometimes, I miss the US where people would have jumped that guy's ass for attacking a woman like that. Here they just stare at me like I did something strange and don't intervene for fear the "bad man" turns on them too. WTF!

I fucking hate October. Every October is bad. 2006, was when Evelyn was due. 2007, Donnie's aunt he was super closed to died. 2008, Donnie's best friend of almost 30 years committed suicide and 2009, I get mugged. If a 1300 yuan phone is all it takes to satisfy my terrible October trend, then I will take it. I have my health and live and babies. Fuck the cell phone.


Summer @ B is for Brown said...

I am so glad that you're ok. Jesus. I got pissed reading this. All we can hope for is karma. Hugs.

jenn said...

Oh god- how scary! I'm so glad you are both okay! And hey- October's pretty much over already- here's to november!

Queen Bee said...

((hugs)) that is really frightening.

Beautiful Mess said...

That's scary! I'm sorry hon. I'd be totally pissed off too!

Sending you love and peace.

Lisa said...

I am glad to hear you're ok. That must have been scary! Good thing you didn't really realize what was going on until it was over.

Hollie said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you. How scary! Glad you and baby are ok. That's crazy that people just stood there and watched.

Sarah R said...

I just saw this now. I am so sorry!!! What a douchebag! I would have kicked his ass for you if I had been there, that sucks!!!!

Emmie :) said...

i'm so sorry!!! holy shit, that's crazy! i'm so happy you're ok.