Sunday, October 25, 2009


I feel like I got hit with the crappy pregnancy symptom stick out of nowhere... I've been MIA in Bloggerland because I've not had the concentration to type out a coherent post. The nausea, food aversions and MAASSSSIIIIVEEEE exhaustion have sucked what was left of my ability to write coherently right out of my head.

Case in point, I had to re-type above sentence 3x. It also doesn't help that my toddler has turned into velcro since I got pregnant and insists on "helping" with everything. He also thinks the cursor is hysterical and keeps jabbing my monitor so hard it wobbles quite frighteningly (it's a flat one).

I didn't feel like this until 7 weeks with Q and this time 5 weeks was the not so magic number for the fun to begin.

I forgot how much I hate first trimester.

My Chinese friend who has volunteered to help me scare the crap out of potential care providers for this pregnancy with my crazy list of demands will meet up with me this week. She says she knows of a good hospital... I guess you can say I haven't really clued her in on my demands yet. LOL Who knows, maybe there is a super progressive hospital with nice birthing suites who will leave me to my crazy hippie ways... We'll see.


Kate said...

sorry for the 1st tri crappiness... not that it helps, but i'm suffering with you. blech.

& good luck with the pg care situation!! i'm really looking forward to hearing the story of the hippy birth in china! i know you'll find a way to make it work :)

jenn said...

hmmm- good luck! You definitely have a lot on your plate right now- I hope the symptoms ease up just enough that you get a break- not so much that you worry!

I'm so curious to see how your experience with the health care systempan out.

Queen Bee said...

have a supportive friend willing to fight for you will go a long way in getting the birth you want in a hospital setting. :)

sorry about the exhaustion & nausea, but at least those are good signs of a healthy little Panda!

Beautiful Mess said...

Hope you start to feel better soon! Good luck with the hospital search. Keep us posted!

Sarah R said...

I was way worse this time around, too, as far as the sickness goes. Hope it doesn't last too long for you!

mandy_moo said...

Ahh, I love you and your crazy hippie ways, you are an inspiration to us all. Me, I would be scared poopless to be pregnant and having a baby in China.

Kristin said...

DUDE, been there! Except mine lasted 7 months only to be replaced by heartburn. Ahhhhh, the joys of pregnancy. Good thing the end result is so fabulous!

Tara said...

Oh my god, the first trimester is sucking the life from me as well. Ugh! I hate it!!!

Birdee said...

Sorry your not feeling so well in your first Tri.
But I'm so excited to follow you through another awesome birthing adventure.