Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today is very special...

I lit my candle. <3

Today is October 15th, infant and pregnancy loss awareness day. I lit one candle for our little one, Evelyn who left us too soon taking with her a piece of our hearts. Please join me in lighting a candle tonight at 7pm your time, that will create a continuous wave of light for our beautiful lost little ones and remember those who have suffered the immeasurable pain of miscarriage and infant loss.

7 PM came and went here and I lit my candle on our altar. I am so lucky to have Quinlon and another blessing on the way after experiencing the heartbreak of miscarriage.


Anonymous said...

Your little one will be in my heart this evening when we light our candle. Big hugs to you, Donny, Quinlon and your Little Panda.

Sara said...

I lit my candle as well - in memory of my Samuel. And in memory of all babies that are no longer with us, including your Evelyn.
Take care.