Saturday, July 18, 2009

You guys are bad.

Cheering for a pregnancy... shame shame

Ok, so (not so)secretly I do want another, but in the same breath Quinlon is still so high needs that I don't know if I want to add extra weight.

Honestly, I have been getting weird vibes about the whole getting pregnant thing. And another sign was when Donnie even remarked in passing that he wants more children. This is a marked change from about 2 months ago when Quinlon's sleeping/not sleeping antics had him so stressed he swore never again.

But being Taoist, I cant say that we would be upset if it did happen since we aren't doing much to prevent other than being more careful when I know I am fertile (lucky me who has had my regular cycle back since 6 weeks post partum). Our view everything happens in its own time. Not a moment sooner or later.

But it's not like we're the type to have an oops. There have been several close calls already with no such result and after having to TTC for a year with perfect timing 95% of the time, it makes me doubt we will have an oops.

Enough of my baby making musings. Only 9 hours until I get to see the love of my life!


jenn said...

I'm all for the right time for anything approach (& of course it's all personal choice anyway) but I'm glad you are still keeping a small chance in your mind- I think we've all heard of the couple that struggled with IF for years & then boom- 2nd kid right off the bat. (I swear it's not an urban legend, haha- I used to work with a woman that tried for 5+ years & now is about to have 3 under 4!)

Have fun with your love!

Klane said...

you should do it. I am going to try and have 2 one right after the other, that way they will be close in age and have each other to play with. I have a friend who has 3 all under the age and she said it is great to have them all like that now. Good luck. I am trying, not having any luck right now. I wish you the best!

Lauren said...

You know that your intuition is pretty damned accurate. Well it was for me and a few others at least. Maybe you all will be makin a baby when you all reunite!!!!

I get so excited when people start talking new babies! I already want to try again!!

Sarah said...

How do you think the experience of having a baby in China be?

We took that approach with #2 and it was very peaceful letting things just happen on thier own. (however for us, nursing spaced things out greatly, no AF for over a year! sounds like you werent so lucky)