Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bad day? Ya think?

I have some stupid stomach bug that struck yesterday (a whole other story that I am not sure if I am ready to humiliate myself in blogland by making public) so to begin with today was in deficit.

Then, I get ready to go to the bank to FINALLY make the wire transfer I have needed to do for about a week only to find that there is NO money in my wallet.


I could have sworn there was over 600 yuan in there yesterday. I run through my day and I had all my money at the grocery store which was our last stop. All I can figure is that between the grocery store and home on the bus or walking through the neighborhood someone pick pocketed me.


Right after I discover this and start to panic, Quinlon randomly trips and smacks his mouth on the corner of the chair. Hysterics ensue.

I calm him down, call Donnie, who's reaction is to criticize me and make me feel even more stupid. (He later apologizes profusely).

3 poopie diapers later, it is becoming clear that Quinlon has the same bug I do. Fabulous.

We go eat lunch and he throws food on me several times. YAY!

After lunch I stop by the fruit stand to get bananas and apples to try and help with our tummy troubles and then completely confuse the number 7 and number 10 in Chinese and argue with the lady that I don't have enough $$ because I only have 9 yuan. Finally, it dawns on me and I feel like a complete idiot.

So I go home, and buy some gorgeous looking yarn to heighten my spirits... then a few hours later my pp account is put on suspension because they suspect another person has hacked it. No one has hacked it, I am just using a IP address randomizer to get through China's firewalls so it looks like another IP is accessing the account and spending money. FAB!

What else, universe?

ETA: Why do I tempt fate... another nail in the coffin.


Queen Bee said...

oh hell's bells! i hope the crappiness got out of the way in one whole day and now you can continue to move forward.

ug... diarrhea diapers. welcome to half of the month of May for us. *gag* hope the poopies cease and desist soon as well!

Sarah R said...

Oh my gosh, hugs to you!!! That really, really sucks. Man. I hope today is better for you!

jenn said...

Oh crap! (sorry- poor choice of words!)
Hope it all gets better soon- I am sooo not looking forward to a sick baby's diapers!