Monday, July 13, 2009

thanks, universe...

Taiyuan is dusty all the time. So my floors look like shit. Usually I can stay on top of it and keep them swept and mopped but I worked 10 hours each Saturday and Sunday and the babysitter didn't clean... She is required to, but she also didn't try NOT to make a bigger mess.

I had a bunch of food in the fridge about to go bad so I made a huge lunch and just a moment ago as I was trying to fill a pan to soak it flipped over dumping all the greasy water on me and the floor and the broom and the dust mop. Well, there goes cleaning the floor for a while until they all fucking dry.

The toilet was also acting weird. I told babysitter to be careful and try to use it as little as possible and not flush pee TP, just throw it in the trash. Apparently she poops a lot. Now I have a fully clogged toilet that is FULL of someone ELSE's shit and I don't know how to call a plumber.

Did I mention that I am about 2 weeks behind on laundry and Quinlon has pooped twice today and I can't even spray the diapers because the toilet full of shit soup will overflow.

But now Donnie has someone coming to fix it. Thank Goddess.

And Quinlon has been asleep for 2.5 hours and counting. Good naps and repairmen are awesomesauce.


Lauren said...

Don't babysitter's drive you crazy sometimes....grrrr! Sorry things suck but yay for repair men and long naps! Glad to see you blogging again!

Birdee said...

Sounds like a shitty day (pun intended).
Hope it gets better for you soon.